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Legend Of Dragoon, The

Kongols spirt Dragoon

An easer way of getting Kongols spirt dragoon is to buy it from the merchient in Lohan ( the one who sells you the water bottle). Kongol must be on your team.

Tips on Defeating Bosses

Whenever you are about to fight a boss make sure Rose is in your party. You can tell your about to fight a boss if u find a save point deep into a dungeon. Have your SP to the maximum for each party member and make sure that each member can transform into a Dragoon. Once the battle starts use Rose's special and cast Astrol Drain as many times as you can. I've been able to do up to 400 points of damage with it on the first disc. After the special wears off keep using normal attacks and additions so that your spirit gets to its maximum fast enough to use another special. Also, if you have the power wrist equipped, use the special of that person so that a normal Dragoon attack can deal near 200 points of damage. Make sure you have plenty of Heeling Potions and a good amount of Mind Purifiers incase the boss can cast status effecting magic (like the beast in the Hellana Prison dungeon.) Make sure you save often because bosses often come in pairs of two.

Beating Sandra special soldier and Kongol

Before you go to 'Hocus', buy lots of magic items from the item store and make sure that all your characters are atleast at level 6.

Sandra special soldier:

Only use physical attacks against him and don't waste your magic items to try to defeat this guy. When he transforms into three, the one that uses magic is the real one. [If you can't figure out the real one, than keep doing guard]


This guy is very strong!!! Only use magic against him. [If you use physical attacks than you will be counterattacked with more damaged hp to you!] Keep using magic attacks and using the option 'Guard' which will restore your HP.

More damage

When you are in battle with a character that can do Additions and you select Attack and you are charging at the enemy as the outer square closes in on the inner square press the X button just as the two squares hit and if your timing is done right you can hit them an extra time giving you more SP and dealing out more damage. With different Additions you can do more and more damage.

Ultimate Wargod

You can buy an Ultimate Wargod in Lohan. It makes your additions perform perfectly without any penalty. It may cost 10,000, which may be very hard to get at this point in the game. However, it makes battles much easier and your Dragoons will still level up.


The following trick allows you to heal without a Mind or Body Purifieron stock. Later on in the game when you have Dragoon Spirits, turn Dragoon and the status will be gone.

Temple traps

When you are in the temple looking for the Dragoni plant to save Shana on Disc 1, there are several traps set to delay you progress. The first is a number combination -- the combo is 352. Almost directly after that are two statues that must be turned in the correct direction to allow you to reach the top of the stairs. There statues are gold and stone. Leave the gold statue facing the front and turn the stone statue to the left. As soon as this is done, you can run up the stairs to find help for Shana.

Kill S Virage

All you have to do is wait until it uses up it's ten lives. It will have one final attack that takes off a lot of damage though so be sure all of your characters have lots of health.

How to get the Dragon Stone for Kongol

Once you get Kongol after beating Genrich and do all the other stuff you need to do, then go back to south of Serdio and go to the merchant who sold you the bottle to put water in back at Lohan. Once there he'll sell you the Dragon Stone for 1,000G.

Get the Water Bottle Cheap

When you have to buy the water bottle from the merchant to hold the pure water, I have a way to get it for 100 gold. All you have to do is say no when he offers it to you for 1000, and he will bring it down to 500. Keep saying no until he offers it for 100, but you have to say yes when he offers it for 100, other wise he will not sell it to you.

2 Stardust Locations in BALE

The first stardust stone is in the weapons shop. It's located in the spear holder. The second stardust stone is located in the castle. Its is in the room where you find the guard practicing on a dummy. Walk upwards along the stables with the horse in them and come to the stove were the blacksmith is. Turn towards the stove and press X. He will say something like "Ouch" but then it will say (Acquired Stardust).

Beat Lloyd with Dragoon Mode

Just because Lloyd can kill your characters in dragoon mode doesn't mean you can't use them. Just equip one character with the Talisman accessory. This protects against Lloyd's attack. You can use 3 talismans if you have them. If not, just make sure you use Dragoon mode only when you have 100 SP,or in other words, one turn as a dragoon. That way, you hit and run, avoiding his attack

Easy Experience Points

To get more experience points, near the middle of the first disc there should be a place near woodlands where you will fight a single yellow bird. If you get lucky, it will appear every turn or other turn. It does a good amount of damage considering you are on the first disc. Don't get surprised when you do 0 or 1 points as damage to it.....this is normal! If you are lucky it will stay in with you four or five rounds giving you a chance to defeat it. If not it will run away and you must try again. If you happen to defeat it, you get around 300 experience points which is a good amount during the beginning of the game.

Lenus - The First Winglie Battle

When you reach Fletz and the Twin Towers, you must go on a quest that ultimately ends you back at the castle with the two princesses right before the Moon Dagger is passed on to the fake princes. Before you enter the Chamber of the Sun make sure you have saved your game and have plenty of Healing Breezes, Healing Potions, and Angel's Prayers in stock.

Make sure you have people in your party with the highest max HP. Keep your HP as high as you can without going through turns oh Healing Breezes and Potions. You might want to consider having Rose in your party because she has the Astral Drain magic which can heal your entire party and do damage to Lenus at the same time. Keep hitting with everyone until you can get a special. Your best bet is to use the special of the person wit the strongest attack. That way you can use your Dragoon Attack and you will automatically pull of the finisher (a perfect.) When Lenus moves her hands and draws a Chinese letter in the air hold on to your hats because it will do serious, I mean SERIOUS damage.

If one of your guys will be knocked out, and then with only one guy standing and really weekend you can either heal him, then get hit again, or use an Angel's Prayer and have both of them knocked out.

Easy Boss Defeats or enemies

If you have a turbo controller use this cheat!! ( Turbo Controller is a controller with a turbo button ) Buy a ton of Burn Out and when you run into a strong enemy use the Burn Out and press the turbo and the X button together and just hold the X button all the way until the percentage meter in the bottom right hand corner stops!

Kill Rare Monsters Easily

If you hate fighting those rare monsters like operates and blue bird that always run away, you might profit from this code. Instead of trying to hit the rare monsters and keep missing, try using items such as satchet or other magic items.

Secret Bosses and New Weapon

When you reach the 3rd and 4th disk of the game you are able to fight secret bosses. On the 3rd disc when you reach snowfield after the talk with Lloyd don't leave so early. When reach the last section go to the far left corner and fall all the way down to Fort Magrad an old human headquarters. Travel all the way till you fight the Polter ghost. He has 3 sections.

Sword (3,500 HP)

Helmet (2,500 HP)

Armor (3,400 HP)

Tip: destroy the sword first. After the battle you will receive the soul eater which may seem bad because it decays HP. If you equip the therapy ring it will have no effect. You also win the smoke ball which can let you run away from any minor enemies and can be used an infinite amount of times.

On the fourth disc once you can reach vellweb again help Shirley and the Dragoons from the Dragon Campaign by defeating the for dragoons.

Syuveil (10,000 HP)

Damia (9,000)

Belzac (16,000 HP)

Kanzas (12,000 HP)

The only reward from these battles are money and experience. Finally after collecting all stardust receive the vanishing stone and fight Faust and win a Phantom Shield.

Escape easier

When you escape from a battle, if you push the "x" button, right before you would normally turn around, you will get a better chance of escaping.

Boss with the dragon block

When fighting the boss that has the dragon block stuck in him only use physical and magic items only. If transformed into a dragoon the boss will use the dragon block and will render you helpless with only 10-20 hp damage.


When fighting Lloyd do not transform into a Dragoon he will use the Dragon Buster on you and you will die. Use the attack ball and magic attacks on him he will dodge most physical attacks.

Boss Hints

When you get to the 4th disc, and you must free all of the dead souls, including the divine dragon, an easy way to go about this is to skip all of the spirits and go straight for Lavitzs soul. After you beat Lavitz go back and pick up all the items you would have normally got if you would have defeated to dead souls.

Free Water Bottle

When you need the water bottle just keep saying no until you get it to 100 gold then just say no again and then he'll say I can't take it anymore. Here you go and you can get the bottle for free.

Easy cure

Since carrying Items is limited, do not waste your inventory by carrying any "body purifiers" - if you get poisoned etc. All you have to do is change into a Dragoon ! When you change back your status is back to normal. Now you can use your inventory space for another item.

Get all 50 Stardusts

To fight an OPTIONAL boss at the end, you need a Dispell Illusion Stone, since he is an illusion and your attacks just go through him. The only way to get the stone is to get ALL 50 Stardusts in the game. Near the end of the game you will find that you have missed a few stardusts. The best way to look for these is to go to the City of Law (robot city) and jump on the bird, who can give you a lift to any city (all 4 disks)in the game. This is the easiest way to search for Stardusts as you will NOT encounter random battles whilst flying. By this stage it is not worth fighting random battles on disks 1-3 as your characters are way too powerful for the enemies and also this way will save you lots of time.

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