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Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues

Raptor Attack

Scroll right until you come to the arrow. I find using the shotgun is best here. However, try to avoid the dinosaurs by jumping over them. It's quicker and safer than fighting them. If you use your Uzi, fire in short bursts of three or four bullets. Once inside the building go up the first ladder and right to collect an energy box. Kill the dinosaur at the top of the ladder before getting off the ladder. To the far right of the exit is some ammunition and energy. However, there's a few raptors between you and them. Be careful. Don't try to jump raptors while running up a slope; it will be costly. While on an overhead pipe, shoot below and diagonally down. This is handy for killing dinos before dropping onto a platform. If you are at the edge of a platform and want to see below, crouch down and then push down on the direction pad. After setting off the gas you have to get out of the building quick, you don't really have time to kill any dinos in your way so jump them where possible and don't look back.

T-Rex Carnage

Scroll right all the time following the arrows. Any weapon is okay to use but avoid trying to kill the dark brown raptors as these are seriously hard. Once you get to the jeep, keep firing at the T-Rex to keep him at bay. The best place to stand is on the roof of the jeep. You can avoid the bullets from the enemy sprites by jumping up after they have fired. When the jeep starts shaking and the music reaches its height, it is time to jump onto the overhead vine.


The best weapon at first is the rifle as it is endless. You are killing humans that don't take as many hits as the dinos. Watch out for the black guards. These are veterans and are extra hard. After the first gap, jump over some soldiers on platforms above you with flame-throwers. Shoot these from below before climbing onto that platform. After these you should carry on, up and right. Then change weapons to your Uzi as the enemies come thick and fast. When blowing up the fans, use dinosaur weapons. This will conserve your conventional ammo. To kill the main solider at the end of this mission it will take about six hits with the shotgun.

High Ptera

As you're facing dinosaurs at the beginning of this mission it is advisable to use your dinosaur darts in sporadic bursts. Try not to get knocked off ledges as you lose a lot of energy or even die. Save your Uzi and shotgun until you get to the electricity pylon as you will face a small army of enemies. Falling rocks can be shot into pieces as can obstacles in your way.

Seek And Destroy

There are no humans on this level. The choice of weapon is entirely up to you. Save your gas grenades as you may need them later. This level is a bit of a maze so try to remember the way you go so you won't go the same way again. Beware of falling rocks and falling lava as this is not good for you. Watch where you walk as fire sometimes finds a way to the surface. If you come to the triceratops you have gone the longer way so go back and try different doors. Save your shotgun pellets for when you're near the eggs as there is a heavy raptor population waiting for you.

Protect The Gallimimus

Although there are lots of soldiers to kill don't get too giddy on the trigger for fear of killing the Gallimimus. Keep an eye on the dinosaur counter as if this falls too low your mission has failed. I find the Uzi is the weapon to use. When enemies hide behind rocks, the shotgun is the best weapon.. The spread of the pellets gives you a wider range. Watch out for mines on the floor. These can be shot but it's just as easy to jump them. Make use of the ability to crouch and shoot especially while in craters. When the cage is coming towards you, pump off a few shots with the shotgun and then duck, as the cage moves away chase it firing quickly. Then it's the helicopter. The best advice is go mad with the shotgun. Even when the helicopter is firing at you, still try to get off a few shots.

Emergency Missions 1 - 6

1. Scientists Radio For Help

Don't rush too much as you'll end up roasted alive; but don't dally because you'll fail. The shotgun is the best weapon to use as it's a quick kill and time is of the essence. Don't always enter the first exit you come across as it might not be the right way. Watch the flame-throwers as they really do sap your energy quickly.

2. Get power supplies to the incubators

The majority of the portable power supplies are in the top left of each room or section. The exits are usually to the right. The Uzi is the best weapon to use and also the shotgun. Time is not so precious in this mission but you still have a lot do. After doing the five rooms continue towards the top right corner. Beware of the scientists as they shoot at you in a quick volley.

3. Auxiliary power switch

You want to make your way up and right throughout the whole level until you come to the soldiers with flame throwers, then go down and right. Change your weapon constantly as the level is filled with dinosaurs and soldiers. Don't forget you can drop through thin platforms by crouching down and pushing jump. There's also more than one way to go so persevere if you don't succeed at first. Try to save your shotgun pellets for the end as you'll need them and also keep a look-out for health boxes as there are quite a few scattered about this level.

4. Drop ship supplies

Heavy use of the Uzi is needed here and speed is essential. When the chopper drops off supplies, fill up on Uzi ammunition and shotgun ammunition. Collect your health if needed. If you are having trouble shooting soilders with flame-throwers that are stood in between boxes, take a chance and jump over them as wasting time is expensive. Most important of all is not to stand still as you'll be wasted.

5. Track down the spy

Head right as fast as you can because you cannot afford to lose time here. The shotgun is the best weapon to use as it is a quick kill and there's no need to worry about running out of ammunition as there are plenty of ammunition pickups. There are lots of health pickups too so don't waste time over a solider if he is hard to get, just jump over him so you lose a little bit of energy but save time. Keep running continually and jump the dinosaurs if you can.

6. Disarm bombs

If you go through the first door there is an ammunition pickup, but watch out for the raptor. There is no specific gun to use as there are soilders and dinosaurs on this level. As usual, beware of the clock. Use the gas grenades when you encounter the triceratops.

The T-Rex Scuffle

Aim all dinosaur weapons at his head and then fire about 4 gas grenades and run.

Helicopter chase

Just shoot all the weapons on the enemy helicopter.

Seek and destroy: the correct path to follow

In the second door come out and go left, in the first door come out and go right, in the second door come out and go right, in the second door come out and go to the far left, get bracelet and carry on left until door, go right and in first door, go right and in first door, leg it until bombs go off and exit level through door at far right.

Unlimited Continues

Once on the "Mission Select" screen, press L, L, L, R, R, R, L, L, R, R, L, R, L, L, R, R, L, L, L, R, R, R. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a "bleep." Once this is done, you can enter any mission with unlimited continues.

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