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Jumpin’ Flash 2


If you get every single award you get a new support A.I and Hyper mode.

The awards are the DOOR PRIZE (get automatically)

The FLOWER CHILD (shoot no bullets)

The BUNNY OF STEEL (don't get hurt)

The SPEED OF SALVATION ( beat the level with lots of time)

The EL DORADO ( get at least 50,000 points Not Sure!)

The PENNY PENCHER ( don't miss 1 coin)

The SUPER STOMPER ( jump on 7 enemy's with out touching the ground)

The FRUGAL FIREWORKS ( use fireworks on enemys as fast and as much as you can)

The KODOS ( kill every type of bad guys in the game)

The BONUS BONANZA ( baet all bonuses in normal and extra)

The BIG TROUBLE? NO SWEAT ( beat normal mode)

AND finaly the HASTA LAVISTA, BARON ( beat extra mode).

You should have 12 awards total! The A.I SUPPORTS name is RACHEL. Try to beat Hyper mode!

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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