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Jet Moto 3

Race as Granny

Finish in first place under the professional difficulty setting.

Stunt mode

Collect all ten track coins in season mode to unlock stunt mode. Note: Stunt mode is for one and two players.

Recommended racer

The best racer to get to first place and hold it are The Max, Wild Ride, or Spirit.

Race as Capt. Ballad

Successfully complete professional season with all except for two racers.

TV camera

Press Circle, L1 + Triangle, L1 + X, Triangle, R1 + Up during game play.

Race at high speed

Press L1 + Right, R1 + Down, Square, L1 + Triangle, R1 + Down, L1 + Left, Select during game play.

Olympic Trick track

When on the Olympic Trick track, begin with the jump directly ahead. You have to turbo to make the jump. Press Left or Right and L1, R1 while jumping to do a roll. This should result in extra points added to the coins collected on the jump. When performing a rail slide, go a little slow and on an angle when you reach the rail jump so you slide down. Extra points are gained with the coins on the rail.

Secret chamber

There is a jump directly ahead as the game begins. Use some turbo in order to make the jump. After the jump, go to your right. There should be a hole where you can do tricks. There is an opening in the hole. You can go around the top if you use a turbo. After that, slow down at the end to find the coin.

Race with a jet ski

Press Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Up, Down and Start when the game is loading before the race.

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