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Italian Job, The

All Missions

First at the main menu, hold L1 and push O, O, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square. Applause will sound if entered correctly.

Small Prize Car

In Turin,there is a parking lot with Destrution cones.If you knock down all of the cones,a guy will come and will ask you if you want a job.Follow the arrow and when you get to a pizza parlor,you're supposed to deliver pizza in the time shown.When you're done,go back to the pizza parlor,and the guy will tell you a prize car is at the mansion.When you get there,go to where the arrow is.When you are there,you wiil be driving a small Fiat.Note:This is only in free ride mode.

Complete Italian Job Missions

Enter this at the main menu screen circle, circle, triangle, square, square.

Complete free Ride Missions

Enter this at the main menu screen square, triangle, square, circle, circle, circle, triangle, circle.

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