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Hogs Of War

Team Lard

Enter "MARDY PIGS" as a name.

View FMV sequences

Enter "PRYING PIGS" as a name.

Bonus FMV sequence

Enter "WATTA PORK" as a name.

Heal yourself

Heal yourself with a medi gun by pointing the gun straight up in the air. Shoot, and it will hit and heal you.

Promote Pigs

Enter 'Naughty Pigs' as your team name to promote all of your pigs.

Extra promotions

Successfully complete the game one time, then start a new game to have 250 promotions available.

Play as Mardy Pigs

Successfully gain all survival bonuses in the game,then when you beat final mission you gain a "Mardy Pig" as your survival bonus.You will start with them from first stage but all of countries are in hands of your last team & more difficult.

Easy beat last war

Just goto near the enemy pigs & throw to them "Poison Gas" & then hide yourself until they die. Each of your pigs must be used for one enemy soldier. Do not harm the pigs that it's a mardy pig.

Easy way to play as Mardy Pigs

Just survive the last mission called "Isle Island" with at least 3 out of 5 pigs you have. It means that when you finish this mission you must have at least 3 pigs that are alive.

Gain All Secrets in the Game

Just play & finish the game repeatively & remember every time you beat final mission have "Survival" bonus.

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