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Harvest Moon:Back To Nature

No Hurricanes

In the very beginning of the game, it asks you a few questions (name, dog's name). When you get to farm name, type in "The Natsume Farm" or something along those lines Im not sure. Anyway, when you start playing press the start button for the status screen. The top should just say "Natsume Farm". Voila! When you get to the 4th of Summer in the 1st year (when you should have the hurricane) it turns out to be a sunny day! I haven't gotten to winter so I don't know if it stops blizzards.

Make Quick Money

To make "quick money", you have to have one game file(And I think 2 Memory cards). Make sure you have a cow or sheep on your game(adult). Copy your game on to the other memory card, and go into the game you want to make money. When you go to sleep, choose the "Exchange Animals" option and have an animal come to your farm from your other copied one. Sell the animal, then repeat this process over and over.


During the summer (when Kai is home), there is always a hurricane. If you found the bottle, go visit/talk to Kai the day after a hurricane. He'll fill your bottle with perfume!

Sprite's Tea Party

Ever wonder where everyone is getting Relaxed Tea Leaves? Well here's how!

1.Have the largest Rucksack and buy 7 flours from the supermarket in Spring 2.Go to Sprite's house between 3 and 4 pm and give each sprite a box of flour. 3.They will "invite" you to the tea party(happens automatically) and you get the tea leaves!

Power Berry Locations

Power Berries are essential if you are aiming for a high percentage in BTN. There are 10 of them. 1.Try to cut down the tree on Mother's Hillc(past the lake and over the bridge). It will talk to you, and give you a choice whether to continue cutting or stop, say stop and you'll get a PB. 2.Mine in the mine behind the waterfall, you'll eventually get a PB. 3.Mine in the Winter Mine, you'll eventually get a PB. 4.Win the Swimming Festival in the summer. 5.Throw five items(one per day) into the Goddess Pond(stand where behind the waterfall to throw things in) and she'll give you a PB. 6.In the Winter, go behind and to the left of the mine. Press X and walk around (against thewall you can't see) and you'll find one! 7.Buy one off of the TV Shopping Network after you have bought all the kitchen utensils. 8.Buy one at the Horse Race.(Manage to win 1000 medals of course) 9.Fish in the Ocean and eventually you'll get a Power Berry! 10.In the Winter mine down to the bottom of the Winter Mine. Go into the cavern with the pond and start fishing, you'll eventually get a Power Berry. 11.Plant more than 90 flowers on your farm, and when Anna comes by(when they bloom) tell her she can have as many as she wants. She'll give you a Power Berry.

How To Get Bees

In any season planet some flowers in your garden. when they blossem a nest a bees will be in your apple tree. You can get honey from the nest every day even winter. The honey will sell for 50G but if you give some honey to louis the honey will be worth 60G.

Blue Power Berry

To get the blue power berry you have to grow cucumbers and save 3.Take them to the lake and stand near 2 lined up trees. Throw them in the water and the water imp will come out and give you the power berry that gives you fatigue -50!This gives you a LOT more energy to work. (this won't work in winter.)

Fast Money in Winter

To earn money really fast when winter comes every day take your basket and bring it to the mine cave that only opens in the winter and dig for minerals and when ever you get one put it in your basket (do not pick up the junk minerals and put them in the basket because you will not get any money from it) keep doing it until your basket is full. Take the basket and leave the cave and bring it back to your farm and put all your minerals in the shipping bin this will give you over 2,000 dollars a day for the winter!

Legendary Fish

The Legendary Fish probably help your percentage score. You need the Fishing Pole to get them(you have to have 50 fish in your pond and Greg the Fisherman will stop by and give you the Fishing Pole) You can't keep the fish, but you get fish prints. To view your fish prints go to the start menu. 1.Catfish- To get the catfish, dig in the Winter Mine to the very bottom. Then go into the cavern that has a tunnel leading to it and fish with your pole in the pond. You will get the Catfish Print. 2.Squid- To get the squid, take a small fish to the ocean and throw it in. Then use your fishing pole in the Ocean. The small fish will be "bait" for one day, so if you don't catch the Squid the first day, you have to throw another small fish in the next day! 3.Sea Bream- To get the sea bream, it can be any season but winter. You have to have shipped 200 fish, then if you have you can catch this in the ocean. 4.Angler- To get the angler, go to the beach in the Winter between 11pm and 8 am. Fish in the ocean and you should eventually get this fish. 5.Carp- To catch the carp, it can be any season but winter. You have to have caught the other 5 fish, and once you have you can catch this fish in Mother's Lake. 6.Char- To catch the char, you have to have the recipes for Sashimi, Grilled Fish and Sushi. You catch this fish at the river that is on your farm, or the small river near the hot springs.

Easy Money:

This trick requires two memory cards and a file which has some type of animal (preferably cows or sheep). Copy the file to memory card two, then play the game on either file. Go to your diary and choose to exchange animals. Have an animal come in from the other memory card. When this is done, sell the animal repeat as many times as needed.

More Ore While Mining

The following trick requires the Harvest Basket and the Final Rucksack. Bring the Harvest Basket with you to the mine. Set it down and start mining. You should be able to deposit ore into the Harvest Basket. The basket can get full after a while. Empty it out by facing a bin and pressing Square. When you are tired, just heal at the Hot Spring Pool. This also works well in winter.

Get Another Horse

If you lose your horse and have a good pasture, you can get another one.

Make Your Wife Leave

Give your wife many things that she hates (preferably weeds) until her heart turns black, and she has no hears on the start menu screen. Then, go to sleep. The next day the game will state that your wife is gone and you will shake your head.


If you want Cliff to stay wait until Fall, Duke will come one of those days and ask if you will help him with the orchard say yes and go to the church if not to late and Cliff will be there talk to him and invite him to help with the orchard.

Duke Passes Out

Go to the bar one night and Duke will be passed out. Talk to the people there and then pick up the jar on the table and go talk to Duke. He will say something and then throw up in the jar. You automatically take him home and talk to Manna. This will increase your relationship with them.

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