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Hardcore 4×4

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Like most car dealerships, Hardcore 4x4 offers a range of both different vehicles and colors, as follows:-

The Bushmaster - Green - This is a good truck for beginners with the best all round abilities.

Dust Devil - Red - Another truck for novices, fairly fast with good traction.

Ice Breaker - Blue - The Ice Breaker has superb traction ideal for the pack ice track.

Side Winder - Orange - This is the truck with the best suspension, allowing it to cope with the pot holes in the Sun Baked Gulch.

Brimstone - Yellow - This truck has great suspension, but isn't quite as fast as some of the others, ideal for twists and turns in the Devils kitchen.

Rock Hopper - Purple - This trucks excellent traction allows it to cope with the mountains of the high camber pass.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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