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Grinch, The

Level Skip

Go to the gadget screen and press X while holding R1.

How to avoid the lasers on the statue

Unlock the lasers on the statue in the City Hall by using the Grinch's bad breath.

Open door at City hall

To get into City Hall shoot the big clock and the door will open.

Access to mini games

Destroy the following number of presents to get the indicated mini game. Go to the upper level of Mount Crumpit to play the games.

2,500 presents - Copter Race mini Game

3,000 presents - Bike Race Mini Game

750 presents - Spin N Win Mini Game

1,500 presents - Pankamania Mini Game

Various gadgets

Slime shooter - whoforest - 9 blueprints

Binoculars - whoville - 4 blueprints

Rotten egg launcher - whoville - 4 blueprints

Rocket spring - whoforest - 9 blueprints

Octopus climbing device - the dump - 9 blueprints

Marine mobile - wholake - 16 blueprints

Grinch copter - every level - 16 blueprints

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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