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Grand Theft Auto


Enter the name "THESHIT" on the menu screen for unlimited EVERYTHING!!! (yes, including lives)

Only problem is when doing a mission which requires collecting a weapon.


Get all weapons enter Groovy as name on the menu screen!

No Police

Enter Chuff as your player's name to get rid of the cops.


Enter these codes at the password screen:

weyhey-9999990 points

blowme coordinates

eatthis-start with 4 cops

mademan-all cities and weapons

press these when game is paused:


x,t,s,o,t,o,x,s-enable pad 2

Level Select

All cities = Turf

All cities (1&2) =Carprice

Liberty City (1&2) =Feck

Liberty City (1&2) & San Andres Levels = Tvtan

99 lives,no police,all weapons and all cities

To get EVERYTHING! (That includes no police,all weapons and more)go to the place where you can change your name and type the code HANGTHEDJ when you have done that start the game as normaly and viola! everything you need.

Level Select

At the character select type in your name as CAPRICE to engage level select.

Satan lives

To enter this code you must go to your game choice,(new game, saved game). When you come up to the screen with the name of your driver go to change name. Delete the name of your character and put in the word satan lives. This will give you infinity lives.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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