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Final Fantasy Anthology

Easy Ability Points in Final Fantasy V

For easy ability points (say, 4-8 per battle!) go to the basement of Bal Castle in World 2. Here you'll encounter Statues in groups of 2 (4 ability points) or 5 (8 ability points). However, you will most likely find yourself having difficulty with these stone warriors. Using a Soft potion will kill them instantly! Just keep stocking up on Soft potions and master all those classes that require hundreds of ability points!

Easy Kills In Final Fantasy VI

If you have learned vanish and X-zone you can use this trick. First cast vanish on enemy then cast X-zone. This will kill most anything in the game, but it will not kill Kefka ( sorry you will just have to work for this one. )

Easy Exp. for Final Fantasy V

After you get Bahamut go to where you landed in the forest to get to Bahamut and to the right of it in the desert walk back and forth. One hit from Bahamut will kill them and U'll get 1200-1500 exp. for each one.When you run low just rest and repeat it.

Genji Glove in the Beginning of The Game

When you have Terra at the beginning of the game, where you tell Banon that you'll help take up the fight and he gives you a Gauntlet, well tell him no 3 times in a row that you'll help him, and after the 3rd time he sends you back into the house, you talk to the man and receive a Genji Glove rather than a Gauntlet.

Big Boost

(You need a turbo controller) You can easily boost your characters' levels near the beginning of the Lete River. At the first Save Point, go into the sub-menu. Go to "Cmd.Set", select "short" and Press the X button. You can now place Banon's Health spell in place of the fight command.This means that he will cast his health spell every turn. Back on the river,select to go up the river at the first intersection and then tape down the X button. The raft will then circle the area and your characters will fight and heal automatically. Leave the game running in this fashion over night,and the next day you'll find that your character's level has inreased significantly.

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