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Final Fantasy 9

Black Jack mini-game

Successfully complete the game normally and allow the credits to finish. Press R2, L1, R2, R2, Up, X, Right, Circle, Down, Triangle, L2, R1, R2, L1, Square(2) at "The End" screen. A sound of an item being used will confirm correct code entry. Press Start to play the Black Jack mini-game.

Fighting the Soul of the Ancient Tree of Life

When fighting the Soul of the Ancient Tree of Life, never use a Fire spell. If this is done, it will counter-attack your entire party with this Fire magic or do an attack that can deal over 700 HP of damage. Sometimes he may even use it two times in a row that can immediately end the game. Instead, use others spells such as Ice 2 or Bolt 2, which can do some very heavy damage on him.

4 Ways to Get the Robe Of Lords

First way to get it is to play the Chocobo's Hot and Cold game and earn 10,000 points and redeem the points for Robe Of Lords by talking to the Mene the moogle

The second way is to go through the Stellazzio: Zodiac Coins sidequest. Give the 12th coin to Queen Stella and you will recieve a Robe Of Lords as your reward

The third way is to beat Hades and gain access to the Legendary Synthesis Shop. You must have a White Robe, a Black Robe and 30,000 Gil to get a Robe Of Lords.

The fourth way is to steal using Zidane. Bosses like Ozma and Hades carry a Robe Of Lords. Equip Zidane's Master Thief ability, which can be learned from using Thief Gloves (which can be bought in Treno's Auction House) and Bandit ability, which could be learn from Mythril Dagger. Equip the N-Kai Armlet to ensure that Zidane has a good chance of stealing successfully.

Jump Rope Mini-Game

In Alexandria, have Vivi approach the girls jumping rope near the ticket both and talk to them. They will let Vivi join them. Press X every time the Mark appears over his head to jump. If you keep on jumping without tripping, you can receive some gil, rare cards, and a key item. The rope gets faster after a while so good luck!

Coffee Quest

Give the guy at the Watchtower in Dali the three coffee beans he wants and he will give you the Prima Vista figurine.

Here is where you find the beans:

Pass near the Chocobo Forest, around the right side of the screen. In the Madain Sari kitchen Disc 3, before finishing the Card Game (While you're waiting for King Cid) head to Dali and check the Chief's hut for a key to the previously locked door inside the windmill.

Alternate Ending

You have to finish the Stellazzio (Zodiac) Quest and keep "Shina's Hammer", which you find in the room after fighting Lich on disk #4. Don't lose, use, or sell/combine the hammer. It has to be present in your inventory for you to get the alternate ending.

Get Excalibur I and II

To get Excalibur

Buy the "Magic Finger" item at the Treno Auction early on. Once you reach Dargelo, give this item to an eldery man you meet there -- and he will give you Excalibur in return.

To get Excalibur II

This one is way more difficult. You have to get all the way to Hades in under 12 hours. After beating Hades, check the farthest right pillar for the sword.

Frog Catching Awards

The frog catching minigame may seem like a stupid waste of time -- but it can actually be a source of some good items and new weapons for Quina, plus the number of frogs Quina eats will power up the "Frog Drop" spell. Here are the rewards:

2 frogs: Ore Stone

5 frogs: Ether

9 frogs: Silk Robe

15 frogs: Elixir

23 frogs: Silver Fork

33 frogs: Bistro Fork

99 frogs: Quina's Master appears and fights you; just use standard attack/heal techniques and be around level 40. You'll get the Gourmet Fork for winning.

Complete Card List for Tetra Master

Below, you will find the complete Card List for the Tetra Master (Quadmist) Card Game.

1. Goblin

2. Fang

3. Skeleton

4. Purin

5. Sakunaru

6. Lizard Man

7. Zombie

8. Bomb

9. Aironette

10. Sabakin

11. Iiti

12. Mimic

13. Weird

14. Mandrake

15. Crawler

16. Sand Scorpion

17. Minf

18. Sand Golem

19. Su

20. Dragonfly

21. Carrion Worm

22. Cerebrous

23. Andrion

24. Sabotaner

25. Black Cat

26. Rock Time Max

27. Headbonkbye

28. Rauaimonk

29. Ochu

30. Doru

31. Frei Senpent

32. Akia Monster

33. Som Select

34. Sropper

35. Dandarian

36. Grand Dragon

37. Feather Circle

38. Hacked Eyes

39. Ork

40. Armstrong

41. Ash

42. Leis

43. Gargoyle

44. Weeper

45. Grimlock

46. Tonberry

47. Ariman

48. Garuda

49. Morbol

50. MuPa

51. Abadon

52. Behemoth

53. Steel Giant

54. Shin Ryu

55. Osma

56. Hades

57. Holy

58. Meteo

60. Shiva

61. Ifrit

62. Ramuh

63. Atomos

64. Odin

65. Leviathan

66. Bahamut

67. Ark

68. Fenrir

69. Madin

70. Alexander

71. ExcaliburII

72. Ultima Weapon

73. Masamune

74. Elixer

75. Dark Matter

76. Ribbon

77. Cat Hand Racket

78. Save The Queen

79. Samurai

80. Mithril Sword

81. Blue Narugis

82. Hilda Guard #3

83. Invincible

84. Cargo Ship

85. Hilda Guard

86. Tantalus

87. Red Rose

88. Wield Guns

89. Chocobo

90. Fat Chocobo

91. Mog

92. Frog

93. Puri Bug

94. Alexandria

95. Lindbalm

96. Two Moons

97. Garugand

98. Namingway

99. Boko

100. Falcon

Rope Jumping Awards

At the very beginning of the game, Vivi can participate in a Rope Jumping game in the Alexandria town square. Depending on how many jumps you manage to complete, you'll get a progressively better item. Here are the rewards:

20 jumps: 10 gil

50 jumps: Cactrot Card

100 jumps: Genji Card

200 jumps: Alexander Card

300 jumps: Cat Paw Racket

1000 jumps: King of Skipping Title

Quiz Master

Look for a weirdly-dressed character aroung the Black Mage village. You can recognize him by the circle and an X floating around him. This is the Quiz Master. Confront him and he will ask you a series of 13 questions. For each correct answer you will receive a ton of AP. Try to answer ALL 13 -- and you'll get a Memory Ring.

New Carbunkle/Fenrir Skills

Did you know about these Carbunkle/Fenrir skills? Give them a try:

Diamond + Carbunkle = DiaLight

Virgin's Hope + Fenrir = 1000 Year Dust

Moonstone + Carbunkle = Pearl Light

Emerald + Carbunkle = Emerald Light

Land Spirits Locations

In certain spots of the world map you'll stumble across a couple of friendly monsters. They are land spirits and each of them will make a request from you. Fufilling their request enables you to be able to use the "Attack" command when you are fighting Ozma, who's unlocked in the Chocobo Garden by inspecting a large rock on the upper right hand corner.

You'll get Garnet's strongest Summon, Ark, from defeating Ozma but it is a very hard battle, so be sure you find all the land spirits:

Squirrel: Around Dali. Ore stone.

Ghost: In front of Treno (but not too far) or around the South Gate. Ore stone.

Ladybug: Around the Black Mage Village. Two Ore stones.

Yeti: Forest outside Madain Sari. Two Ore Stones.

Nymph: Forest near Iifa. Three Ore Stones.

Jabberwock: Forest East of Oeivell. Emerald.

Feather Suckle: Ice Continent, on the Chocobo tracks. Moonstone.

Galda: Forest outside Gizamaluke Cave after climbing rope. Lapis Lazly.

Yan: Bile Island (small island near center of map). It will keep running away until you have found all eight other Land Spirits. Diamond.

Ultima Weapon

To get the Ultima Weapon, go back to the glacier around were Terra was (before Kujah went gangstah on it) and search around with a Chocobo and a dead pepper.

Stellazio Quest

Talk to the lady in the house north of the Treno Combination Shop. She will tell you about a set of thirteen Stellazzio that are spread across the world. Find them all and she will reward you everytime you return. This quest is required if you want to see the game's alternate ending.

Here are the zodiac locations:

Aries: Dali; In the windmill all the way to be back (not downstairs).

Cancer: Burmecia; behind the overturned cart.

Scorpio: Quan Cave spring.

Gemini: Fountain at the first screen after you enter Treno; throw coins thirteen times into the fountain.

Taurus: Treno; behind the item shop.

Virgo: Black Mage Village Inn; around the beds.

Libra: Madain Sari fountain.

Leo: Alexandria (after raid); Left Tower near Neptune Statue.

Sagittarius: Linblum; in the left side of the 3d screen up of the Commercial Square.

Capricorn: Dargelo Library; right hand side.

Aquarius: Ipsen Heritage; right hand pillar at entrance.

Pisces: Treasure chest inside Invincible.

13th Stellazzio: Return to the Quan Cave that's east of Treno after collecting and returning all 12 coins.

The easiest way to kill soulcage

The easiest way to kill soulcage in the life tree is to have either dagger or eiko use life on soulcage since he is a undead moster life is instant death for him.

Defeat Iifa Boss Easily

When batteling the Tree of Life in the Iifa tree, cast "Life" on it and it will die in one hit!

Note: this also works on all of the other undead monsters in the tree.

Treno Auction

In Treno bid for the rats tail. If you manage to get it walk up to the adventurer who hangs around the private club he will pay double what you payed for it!

Extra Animations

If you leave the title screen idle for about 30 secs character profiles will come up. Leave it idle for longer and even more will come up.

Grand Lethal

So, how do you get Zidane's ultimate trance 'Grand Lethal'? Well, it's really easy when you know how! Just learn the ability 'Thievery' with Zidane and you will also get Grand Lethal. You can learn thievery with 'Angel Bless' or 'The Tower'.

Rewards for Chocobo Hot & Cold

Here are the rewards you can get for those hard earned points in chocobo hot and cold:

10 points - Gysahl Greens

150 points - Phoenix Down

250 points - Ore

450 points - Ether

1800 points - Viltgance Card

3500 points - Wing Edge

8500 points - Protect Ring

10000 points Robe of Lords

Carbunkle/Fenrir Skills

Did you know about these Carbunkle/Fenrir skills? Give them a try:

Diamond + Carbunkle = DiaLight

Virgin's Hope + Fenrir = 1000 Year Dust

Moonstone + Carbunkle = Pearl Light

Emerald + Carbunkle = Emerald Light

Unlimited MP

Have Amarant in your party and make sure he has learned the Chakra skill. Also, the minimum MP needed for this trick to work is 4 MP. Enter a battle and have Amarant cast Chakra on himself. For 4 MP, he will restore MP equivalent to about 20% of his maximum MP. Continually cast it until you get reached your maximum MP. Since you can do this to other characters in the party as well, you can end up will everyone with maximum MP.

Easy AP

Walk around in the darkness for awhile in the field and forests around the town that has the Auction House and lady who collects the zodiac signs. You will encounter a ghost. Give it some ore and you will win the battle, resulting in 10 AP.

Defeating Ozma

If you encountered all the spirits in Gaia and satisfied their requests go to Chocobo Aerial Garden (you will need a Gold Chocobo and a Dead Pepper). Examine the stone on the second platform and choose the third option, then the first option to fight Ozma. To defeat Ozma, put Zidane, Dagger, Quina and Eiko in your party. Have Quina use Magic Hammer three or four times to steal all Ozma's Magic Points -- from now on it cannot use any spells. Then, have Zidane and Quina attack and Dagger and Eiko heal (do not use summons, you need a large amount of MP in this battle). With some of patience (an half of an hour if you are lucky), you should defeat Ozma.

Easy AP

Walk around in the darkness for awhile in the field and forests around the town that has the auction house and lady who collects the zodiac signs. You will encounter a ghost. Give it some ore and you will win the battle, resulting in 10 AP.

Zidane's "Lucky Seven" Skill

Zidane's "Lucky Seven" skill is going to work when the single-digit of his HP is "7" (e.g -> 1007). It is going to cause a random damages of "7", "77", "777" and "7777". However, if the single-digit of his HP is not "7", then the damages it is going to cause will always be "1".

Battle Setup

Two must-have abilities for the entire party is auto-haste and auto-regen don't worry about equipping abilities like auto-potion because when you get further in the game the enimies will cause a lot more damage auto- potion and even beast killer, stone killer, ect are abilities that should only be used in the first 3 discs.

Easy Lifa Tree Defeat

To defeat the "soul" of the Lifa Tree just have Dagger or Eiko in your party, then just cast life on it. The boss is a dead (zombie) monster so bringing it back to life would be like killing it.

Kuppo the Moogle in the underground excavation tunnel

In the underground excavation tunnel on the second disk, you can borrow a guy's pick by trading him a potion. You can find this guy right past the 3rd(exit) switch. Climb past the vines and talk to the guy to get his pick. On the top level, go to the very far right and face the wall that looks bumpy. Start digging and shortly a moogle will pop out.

Griffin's heart

You want to make 10,000 gil easily? Well then go to the Treno auction and buy the Griffin's heart on disk 4. After you do that, go to the adventerer wandering by the Members Only tea party. Talk to him and he first will offer you 8,000 gil, select to No Way! he'll make an offer for 10,000 gil. Thats the highest amount you can get for griffin's heart.

See at vendor's WWW page

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