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Final Fantasy 7

Duplicate Items

First of all for this cheat you need to have the W-item materia found in Bone Village which is ner the "north pole" of the map(looks like a cow's skull laying on the ground. tell the worker that you want to find "normal treasure". send the diggers to the top half of the village, at the lower left hand corner of the little tent. (this may take a while) inside of any battle, go to the W-Item command and select the item you want to duplicate (you must have at least two). then select the character. then choose the same item again, but instaed of pressing the circle button to select the character, press the X button. The item should have increased by one. repeat as necessary!


If you hold L1+L2+R2+R1 at a chocobo race your stamina won't go down.

Full Health Regeneration

You must have a Restore Materia With the regen spell. Cast the regen spell and then wait until your next round with the same character. Cast another spell and just before the 2nd spell activates open the CD door. All gameplay will stop but your health will continue to increase until it is maxed out.

How to get a Ribbon in Gaea's Cliff

In the room were the Javelin is held for cid go to the middle of the first bridge and go straight right toward the black shadow by the wall you will go through the wall in a cave into a room containig a chest with a Ribbon inside.

The Cursed Ring

In the town of Mideel, before the Lifestream explodes, you might be wondering about that locked door at the back of the Wepons Shop. In order to find out the real deal, head over to the house with the old man standing out front. Search the area directly behind him and you should hear a clicking noise. Examine the area with the clicking noise and you'll find an Old Key. Use the key on the locked door and the key will crumble, revealing the door to be nothing but a painted image! For your troubles, fess up to the owner and you will receive a novelty item, the Cursed Ring.

Unlimited ribbons

Go to the cave where you fight Sephiroth and when you travel through it go to the area where the shield materia is and when you fight Tonberry, (the little guy with the lantern), take all his life down and then use the morph command then he will become a ribbon.

Tetra Elementals

You will have to use the Airship to fly south of Cosmo Canyon and you will find a little island that isn't shown on the map. Land on the island and walk in the little desert until you get into battle with a little cactus. Fight him and morph him and he will turn into the Tetra-Elemental!

How to get Yuffie

In the forest you will find Yuffie Then you will fight her. It will come up as mistery ninja. After defeating her you will be on the map that has a save point. Don't save or she will take your material. She'll challenge you again. Answer not intrested, petrified, wait a second, thats right, let's hurry on.

The fastest way to get Clouds last limit break

First go to the Gold Saucer. Go to the battle square.Then equip mimic materia to Yuffie. Only if she knows a limit break that hits the foe allot of times. When she fights and she could use a limit break use it. After you use it use mimic. Then she does it again.

The W-command materials


To get W-item easier then the way you put it. When you parachute into mideel go DOWN not UP. This takes a long time but I think that it is easier then diggin for it.


Go into the northern cave, where you fight Sephiroth, and when you get to the fork in the path go left, when you at the next fork go up and go to the part where you are supposed to fight Sepheroth but go past it and into the next room or area until you see a ball floating up and down above a peice of rock or land. Jump to it and start repeattealy pressing Circle. keep doing this untill you get it.


Go to where you get Couds Final limit break(The gold saucer) and go to the battle square. Now Make sure you have a lot of GP. would say about 200 maybe 300. Now fight untill you have 36 thousan BP, go to the prize machine and go to the next page of prizes, go to the bottom and get the W-summon. Now kill what ever you want.

Easy money

First, get 1,000 GP (not gil) and buy a gil Plus materia at wonder square after mastering the materia go to the crashed gelinka(after getting the submarine) and fight the unknown cretures you will get about 100,000 gil. per kill.

Cait Sith's Ultimate Weapon

In Shinra Corporation building (last time), on the 65th floor, near the Health Spa there is a locker room. Search every locker (you sometimes get an item!). Find the one containing a megaphone (apparently Reeve's locker) Cloud will say "Whats this...a megaphone?" and you will get the HP Shout!

Get The Shinra 26's Huge Materia and Bahamut ZERO

WARNING: Game Spoiler

On disk 2, when you are in the Shinra 26, climb up to where is the Huge Materia is stored, and punch in circle, square, X, X, and you received Huge Materia. Then, go visit Bugenhagen in Cosmo Canyon and he will let you store all the Huge Materia in his research laboratory, and go near the Huge Materia you got from the rocket, select [Take a closer look] and you will recieve Bahamut's strogest form, Bahamut ZERO.

Get the Flying Tiny Bronco

First you need to get the item Super Sweeper from the rollercoaster game in the Gold Saucer. NOTE: YOU MUST DO THIS BEFORE YOU LOSE CLOUD FOR THE LIMITED TIME! Go to Fort Condor, and give the Super Sweeper to the old man there sittin at the table. He will then give you the Tiny Bronco. NOTE: THE TINY BRONCO DOES FLY!!!

Getting Ultimate weapons

Cloud: When you get to disk 3 you will see ultimate weapon floating in a lake so ram him after the battle follow him and the more you ram him the faster he will stop then after you defeat him you'll get Cloud's ultimate weapon, Ultima Weapon.

Easy Experience

You need to get 2,000 GP(not gil) then you get the item that is worth 2,000 GP from the lady in wonder square and you'll get a Exp. Plus materia master it and fight the Unknown creatures in the crashed gelinka.

Get Vincent

To get Vincent go to the Shinra Mansion, open the safe with this combo Right 36 Left 10 Right 59 Right 97. Vincent is in the coffin room.

Getting level 4 limit break

*NOTE: You can only use the item wich gives you the level four limit break after you get level 1-3 limit break.

Cloud: Omnislash

Get 32,000 battle points in Battle Square at the Gold Saucer, then trade them in at the machine. This is worth getting, as it does more damage than Knights Of The Round when used at a high level with the Ultima weapon.

Barret: Catastrophe

Once Meteor has been summoned, go to North Corel and speak to the woman whose husband died. She may be found in the first hut on the second level in the town.

Red XIII: Cosmo Memory

Defeat the Lost Number monster found in the safe at the Shinra mansion.

Tifa: Final Heaven

Go to Nibelheim with Tifa in the party. Then play the following notes on the piano in her room by pressing X, Square, Triangle, R1 + Triangle, R1 + Square, X, Square, Triangle, R1 + X, Circle, X, Square, Triangle.

Aeris: Great Gospel

Find the sleeping man on the first continent that can tell you how many fights you have had. He is in a cave near Condor Fort, across a river. The buggy (hitch a ride from Costa Del Sol) is needed to reach that location. Once you find him, wander outside and keep getting in fights until the last two digits of your fight total are the same (e.g. 688,133). Return to the may to receive some mithril. Go to the weapons shop near Gongaga and talk to the man inside. He will offer you a small or large box. Select the small box, then look in the box that is upstairs.

Yuffie: All Creation

Win all the battles in the pagoda in Wutei.

Cid: Highwind

Found in the Gelinka (the sunken Shinra plane).

Vincent: Chaos

Using the submarine or a Gold Chocobo, go to the circular lake on the second island on disc 3. Vincent only has one break per level.

Getting Everyones Ultimate Weapons

Each character has an ultimate weapon that is their best.

*NOTE: has no growth.


Found after killing Ultimate Weapon (not in Mideel).


Found before fighting Hojo on Mako Cannon. Note: Barret must be in your party for it to appear.


Found behind door four in the clock room at the Temple of the Ancients.


Use the key to reach sector 5. Go to Wall Market and use the broken item machine.


Found in the downed Shinra Plane in the ocean.


Take Bugenhagen to the ancient city, then return to Cosmo Canyon on Disc 3 with Red XIII in your party. He will receive the weapon from Bugenhagen.


After the rocket in Rocket Town has been launched, talk to the man outside the item shop several times.

Cait Sith

When in Midgar for the second time, go to the Shinra Tower. Go to floor 64 and enter the locker room. Search one of the lockers in the third row on the left side.


After getting a Gold Chocobo or the Submarine, find the cave behind the waterfall in the middle of a continent. Vincent must be in your party.

Gold Chocobo

To raise a Gold Chocobo, you will have to breed a variety of others to get the desired product. You will first need the Chocobo lure to capture them. Once you have it, rent out six stalls at the Chocobo Farm. Each stall will run you 10,000 gil, so be prepared to shell out a lot of money. Now the first two Chocobos you need are a Running female and a Walking male. The Walking male can be found near the Gold Saucer, while the Running female is just west of Mideel. Capture two of them and then head back to see what you've caught. Choco Billy will rate each one you bring in. Be sure that you get a "good" Walking male and a "great" Running female. This is a good time to save your game. Head to the plains below Bone Village and steal Carob Nuts from the Vlakorados' (3 Carob Nuts needed). Now return and mate these two using a Carob Nut. Keep resetting until you come up with a Green and Blue Chocobo of opposite genders (either combination will work). You can use the same two ! Yellow Chocobos to breed again, but you will need to give them some time after a successful mating. Once you have the Green and Blue Chocobos, feed each of them 10 Sylkis Greens (See Chocobo Sage) and head off to the Golden Saucer to race. All of the initial Chocobos you get will be C-Class and will need to be advanced to A-Class (Tip: When racing, hold R1 + R2 to keep your Chocobos stamina up). Return once again to the farm and mate them together with another Carob Nut to get a Black Chocobo. Head to the snow-covered Northern Continent and look for the tracks on the western shore. Here you will find the Dashing Chocobo. Make sure it is in the "wonderful" quota and is the opposite gender of whatever your Black Chocobo is. Feed these newest Chocobos 10 Sylkis Greens each and race them both up to A-Class. At this point you will need to go to an island to the northeast of the Chocobo Farm. You will need to battle with the goblins there to receive a Zeio Nut. With any luck, when! you return and use it to mate the Dashing and Black Chocobos, you will get a Gold Chocobo!! The Gold Chocobo gives you access to any place you want to go on the map.

Beat Emerald and Ruby Weapon

If your having difficulty beating Emerald Weapon and you can't get the Knights of the Round consider using this method.First equip three gravity materia, one to each character, second if possible equip a mime materia to each character.

Next to one character, equip both the W-Magic materia and quadra magic materia joined to the characters gravity materia. Join an all materia to the other characters materia. Okay. Now when you go into battle all you do is use any level of demi on the Emerald weapon and it automatically does 9999 HP of damage to with every hit but at the end his HP will lower and a couple of hits with a moderately powerful summon spell and he's done for. Voila!

For this you will need Knights Of The Round with at least 3 levels. Phoenix summon with at least 3 levels. Shield with at least 2 levels. Final Attack with any level. About 3 mastered HP and MP pluses (you might need more). 3 Enemy Skills with White Wind learned (to learn White Wind, go to the grassy area of Junon until you fight a big green creature with wings. Manipulate it and have it use White Wind on your party).

You also need MP and HP absorb and the MIME command. Make sure you do NOT have the w-item, w-magic, and w-summon materias. Give everyone HP pluses untill it reaches 9,999 HP. Then do the same with the MP pluses

until it reaches 999. Equip Cloud with the Ultima Weapon and give him the following materia.

Combine the Nights Of The Round with the MP absorb. Give him Phoenix with Final Attack. Give him mime with HP absorb. Make sure that you only eqip these matiera on the Ultima Weapon if their mastered. Give him shield and enemy skill. Give your other party members the other enemy skills. Make sure Cloud has an accessory that will protect him

from Frog and Small.

Before you fight Ruby, get into a battle and have Cloud kill your other party members. Now go after Ruby. Start off by using shield on Cloud. Do NOT have Cloud bring the rest back to life.

Now have Cloud use Knights of the Round and just keep miming it until the Ruby Weapon kills you. When you come back to life, repeat the process until you've won.

NOTE: No matter what, do not use any limit breaks or regular attacks on Ruby. If Cloud becomes a toad, use white wind to heal him.

Recover Missing Items

Did you miss something important? Fear not. Once you get to disc 3 you can recover anything by excavating for it in the Bone Village.

Re-enter Midgar

It is possible to get back into Midgar after you have left (not including by parachute.) On disc 3, go back to Midgar and talk to the man standing outside the fence. He says he has misplaced his key and that it is probably back at the dig site he just left.

To find the key, go to Bone Village and tell the foreman you want to look for Normal Treasure. Place some of the workers up top in front of the tent and set off the blast. They will point to a spot on the ground, so have them dig there overnight.

In the morning open the treasure chest and you should have the Key to the Sector 5 Slums. Now go back to Midgar and go through the gate. Go back to Wall Market and go to the shop where the item machine was broken before (the one that shot at you), and try to use it now. You will receive Tifa's ultimate weapon.

Racing Trophy

When racing S-class in the Gold Saucer, You will notice many keen items you can't ever seem to get. Well you can get them all at once! Just win 15-20 races in a row! Ester will say "I've never seen anyone win so much in S-class before!" She will then give you one of each item, including the coveted Cat's Bell! This trick only works once, though.

Prevent Back Attacks

If your battle starts with a "Back Attack" hold L1 and R1 for a moment then release them. This will turn you around before your opponents get a shot.

Morph Enemies Easily

For an easy way to morph enemies, have W-Magic Materia, Gravity Materia + "All" Materia, and Morph Materia. Have someone else cast Reflect on the party, then have the person with W-Magic use Demi 3 on your party twice. It will reflect and hit the enemy six times without killing it, but will greatly reduce it's HP's. At this point, you can easily morph it.

Limited Immortality

Connect the Phoenix Summon and Final Attack materia in any linked slot. When your party dies, there Hitpoints will be completely restored. This makes killing Ruby, Emerald, and Sephiroth simple, just make sure you have enough Mindpoints to use the Phoenix Summon.

For more punch, add a Final Attack/Knight of the Round Table to the same weapon. Then when you die you'll resurrect and hit back HARD.

NOTE: This method is limited because you can only use Phoenix materia 5 times.

Knights of the Round Table

Ride the Golden Chocobo to the North-Eastern part of the map. There you'll find a hidden island with a cave. Enter the cave and talk to the red light to receive the "Nights of the Round Table" spell.

Huge Materia

To obtain the Huge Materia in Rocket Town, press Circle, Square, X, X as the passcode.

There are four huge Materia that can reproduce other materias if you can pass the requirements.

Blue - You must have Bahamut and Bahamut Neo. Take these to Cosmo Canyon and talk to the Blue Huge Materia and you will recieve Bahamut Eishiki (Zero).

Yellow - Master the Steal, Throw, Mime, Manipulate, Morph, Deathblow and Sense Materias, then talk to the yellow huge Materia to recieve the Master Command materia.

Red - Must have all 16 summoning materia at master level then talk to the red huge materia to recieve the Master Summoning materia.

Green - Have all 21 magic materia at master level then talk to the green huge huge materia and you will recieve the Master Magic materia.

Gain Limit Breaks Easily

When in normal status use a "Hyper." This will let your limit meter go up faster, so you can use your old techniques more. The reason for this is that one way to get your limit breaks gained is to use your old techniques.

WARNING: When you use the "Hyper," your status changes to "Fury," which will lessen your hit rate.

Another way to gain your limit breaks is to defeat large groups of enemies. Try this: When leaving the Nibel Mountains and heading for Rocket Town, you should see a group of forests when you leave the mountains. Try engaging combat there, because sometimes you fight large groups of enemies there. Such as a group of six "Battery Caps," or sometimes five "Battery Caps" and one "Valron." This might help in getting your limit techniques also.

Fast Materia Level-Ups

This cheat can only be done in the third disc. First, go to the Northern cave and look for mole like creatures with a star above thier heads, also holding a knife and a lantern. Steal an elixir from them and then run away. After that, look for these small creatures in a floating pot. They will say "Gimme' an elixer". Give them one. Then kill it. Each one killed will give you 1,000 AP. You can not kill them unless you give them an elixer.

Easy Money, AP, Experience, and GP

Go to the desert outside of the golden saucer and walk around for a while. Sooner or later a little cactus man will appear. You can't beat him with magic or weapons, but he can be defeated by summoning Chocobos or Mogs. If you manage to kill him he's worth 10,000 gil!

For better results, head for the Mideel Area (an island in the south) and look for Sea Worms. Each one you defeat is worth 1300 EXP, 200 AP and 5000 gil!

To do this trick, you need a joystick controller with rapid-fire settings and access to the Gold Saucer.

Go to Wonder Square, and up to the arm-wrestling game. Wrap a rubberband around your joystick so that it's pulled to the upper left diagonal, so that Cloud continuously walks into the arm-wrestling machine but not into the GP-trading girl. Now, turn on the rapid-fire for the 'O' button. Cloud will now repeatedly challenge and beat the wrestling game. Slowly but surely, your GP will increase. It takes a while, so it's probably best to set this up just before you go to bed at night, and leave it on while you sleep. By morning, you should have plenty of GP to buy your Gold Pass and the two secret Materia: XP-Plus and Gil-Plus. Cheater!

Easy Accessories

Here's a way to get two very helpful accessories.

Ribbon: To get a ribbon you must go into the crater and walk around until you fight a Master Tonberry (a mole creature with a rotating yellow star above its head.) Attack him a few times and then morph him. He will turn into a Ribbon.

Tetra-Elemental: There is a small desert island in the south under the Western Continent. Land there with the Highwind or with a gold chocobo. Walk on the sand until you fight a small cactus man. Morph him a eh becomes a Tetra-Elemental. Note: I have had the best luck morphing with Yuffie simply because see deals 9999 HP damage each time. It may be a different case for you but Yuffie is usually the best morpher.

Defeating Savior Sephiroth

For this fight you will need: Knights of the Round, Zero Bahumut, and any other summons. Cure 3, Wall, "Mime", DeBarrier, Remedies and at least three Megaexlir's.

Start out by casting Wall on your party, then cast DeBarrier to take away Sephiroth's wall. After this has been done throw everything you've got at him, use Mime to cause major damage. During the fight Sephiroth will levitate higher, signaling he's preparing to cast Super Nova.

If you are above 1500 energy you should be alright, watch out for his Heartless Angel that will not kill you, but bring your health down to 1. Then use Megaexlirs. Keep up the endurance and Sephiroth shouldn't be to hard to beat.

Chocobo Tricks

While racing the chocobos, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to increase your speed. To increase their stamina, hold R1 + R2.

While choosing a chocobo to race, press L1, L2, R1, R2 or any direction to pan, zoom and rotate the chocobo you're viewing.

Cast Any Spell Three Times

To cast three magic spells in one round, first equip someone with a Magic Materia + "All" Support Materia. You'll also need Barrier Materia with the Reflect spell learned. When you enter battle, cast Reflect on the entire party, (your party). Then cast the magic spell that was connected to the "All" Materia on YOUR party. Even though you casted the spell once, it will be reflected and returned to the enemy hitting for three times! And for the same price of the usual MP's. What's even better is that if you have W-Magic, you can cast that spell twice, or two different spells (both need to be connected to "All" Materia) hitting for six times!

Ancient Forest

To get to the Ancient Forest before disc 3, simply ride up the hill with a black, gold or green chocobo.

Alternate Save Pictures

The saved-game picture changes depending on what slot your game is saved in. Here's the complete list:
















Beta Materia

When you first go to the Chocobo ranch you have to catch a chocobo to avoid the Midgarsorm. Well, I figured out a way to get the powerful Beta spell before the second disc. You need the Enemy skill materia, a Fire materia, and any elemental materia equipped on one person.


If you keep this character healed until Midgarsorm casts Beta you SHOULD be able to survive the spell. Then just finish him off. This is tricky to pull off but if done correctly you will be set for a LONG time.

First Summon

To get the first summon in the game, go to the Chocobo rnach for the first time and speak to the Chocobo. One of the answers initiates a little Choco-dance, and you then recieve the Summon.

The Safe in Nibelheim

What most people forget when trying to open the safe is that it's just like a real combination lock...so you have to go in more than one direction when inputting the numbers. Furthermore, unless you're fast enough, you'll run out of time if you try any other combination. The code is:

Right to 36, Left to 10, Right to 59, Right to 97

This means that you hold right and scroll through the numbers, then hold left until you reach 10, then hold right for the last two numbers. Don't forget to press O to verify each entry. When the safe opens, a Summon Materia (Odin) pops out, and you are assaulted by a big goon (how'd he fit into that little safe?)

This boss can be taken out just by attacking and using Limit Breaks. Magic spells (Fire, Ice, Lighting) that are at level 2 are also okay to use. Heal yourself and use Summon Materia (like Choco/Mog) and you'll win in no time. Aside from physical attacks, all this guy can really do is use a Bolt 2 spell on you, but it only does 400-500 points of damage to one character, so it's nothing to worry about. Rarely, he does a double-fisted hammer punch to one character that averages 2200 points of damage, though, so pack in some Phoenix Downs before trying to tackle him. If you blow off his red half (the one that uses magic) his physical attacks become more aggressive, so keep your HP up. Likewise, if his purple half is destroyed first, the Lost Number will use more mid-level spells, like Quake 2, against your party. It is possible to kill this boss without either part of it dying (by stunning it using the 'Choco/Mog' spell).

Not only do you get an item from the boss once you beat it (it's the manual for Red 13's Level 4 Limit Break, the Cosmo Memory), but there's also a gold key in the safe that you can grab (Key to the Basement). Don't forget to take the Red Materia!

Did the code still not work? Remember, the safe's lock is like a real combination lock. So, when you're turning to 36, you can either land on it or creep up to it, but you can't hit 37 and go back. This applies to the rest of the digits, too; you can't go farther than the number you want. If you do (i.e. you go to 09 when trying to get to 10), you'll have to start all over again.

The Sleeping Man

Get so many wins by fighting battles. To see how many wins you have, get in the Highwind or ride a Green, Blue, Black, or Gold Chocobo ever so slightly south and a little ways to the east of Midgar City, where you'll find a cave surrounded by mountains with a river nearby. Inside the cave is a sleeping fellow who (usually) tells you how many wins you've gotten so far. The last two digits have to be the same (100, 111, 255, 733, etc.)

When you have the correct number of victories, talk to the sleeping man. He'll toss and turn, then give you an item (Mythril). Next, go to the house on the penninsula near the Gold Saucer (you should recognize it since it's full of weapons inside). Talk to the man in the house, and when he gives you a choice, pick the top option. You'll lose the Mythril, but you now have the choice of opening the long wooden chest by the bed to get a Gold Armlet, or examining the metal lid on the upper floor at the end of the walkway to get the manual for Aeris's Level 4 Limit Break.

Note that he may give you an item (Ice Ring or Bolt Ring) instead of giving you a Mythril. Don't worry--just get another set of wins with the last two numbers matching and try again. You can keep earning more Mythril from him as long as you give the piece you have to the weaponsmith near the Gold Saucer.

Exchange Gil for GP

When you arrive at the Golden Saucer, there will be a man standing near the back of the screen (past the Save Point), who appears there about 1/60th of the time. If you talk to him, he will sell you one GP for 100 gil. You can buy up to 100 GP from him.

An easy way to find him is to enter the Saucer and leave, then enter again, but you'd better have a Gold Ticket or plenty of spare gil otherwise!

Aeris Reborn

Step 1: Obtain the save crystal where you can create a save point.

Step 2: Go to the church in midgar where Cloud fell down.

Step 3: Use the save point in the spot of ruined flowers (the spot were cloud fell).

Step 4: Save your game.

Step 5: Check your player roster and you will see Black Aeris.

See at vendor's WWW page

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