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FIFA 2001

Easy Goals 2

When taking a corner in any game mode press the square button to put the ball near to the keeper. He will then punch it out and normally come to a player on the edge of the box (if you're Man Utd it will come to Beckham) As soon as you see the keeper punch the ball out press the circle button to shoot and the player will shoot the ball instantly beating the keeper most of the time if you get it right. NOTE: You can only do this when the corner taker is nearest to you is, as when it is furthest away the players are in the wrong position to carry out this cheat.

Easy Goals

When coming up to goal and the goalie is running towards you, press the lob button (square) and it lobs the keeper to your team mate and header it in for an easy goal.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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