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Eye Of The Beholder

Hints Level 1

Place a dagger in a rectangular hole in the wall to receive the "Guinsoo" +3 dagger.

Hints Level 2

Place daggers in the five dagger-like carvings in the wall. Rations will appear in exchange for the daggers after all five are inserted.

Hints Level 3

After placing the gems in the cat's eyes to reach Level 4, remove them again.

Hints Level 4

There are movable walls at beginning of the level. After pushing to the other side, push your way back to the stairs to find a Dwarf key. Now return, and turn right. Somewhere along this corridor is a chain switch. Pull on it.

Hints Level 5

There is a small alcove named Pantry in level 5. Drop five rations here to receive experience and transform them into Iron rations.

Hints Level 6

Drop all ten Kenku eggs in a single pile inside the room marked "Nest" to receive the Chieftain's Halberd.

Hints Level 7

Throw a dagger at the wall that says, "The key lies on the other side". It will go through the writing and open a secret room.

Various Glitches

Enemies can never open a door or go up or down stairs. You can see items behind a door when you enter the camp screen. A spell, arrow, or dart flying at you will be blocked if you close a door between yourself and the projectile. Cursed items can be removed without a remove curse. Sometimes you will know what an item is without casting Identify.

A Mind Flayer's (Illithid's) paralyze spell can be removed instantly by entering camp screen and choosing "Rest Party". The message "Monsters Near" will appear, but everyone's Paralyzation status will be gone. Note: This only works if you are already fully rested (everyone has all spells and you are full HP), and you have to turn so that the Illithid is not in view.

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