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Donkey Kong Country 3

How do I get the banana birds ?

Buy the shelp at the bazar en bring it to Barnacle. In world Lake Ortanaga you swim under and through the second mountain. Beat the time of Brash at the Riverside Race in Kremwood Forest and then cross the river by walking over the tree. Across Funky's Rentals there is a bay. Go there, and you will arrive in the Banana Bird cave. Play the music without errors. Behind the bazar there is a bay where a Banana bird is hiding. Go to the level Cotton Top Cove and swim straight ahead and at the right there is a Banana Bird cave. Give a bowling ball to chief Bazooka in the level Mekanos and he will shoot you to a Banana Bird cave. Go in the level K3 to Blizzard and press RIGHT before you enter it and you arrive in a Banana Bird cave. Go to the level Razor Ridge and go to Bjorns Ski Lift, give him a mechanic tool and go with the elevator. Give a flower to Bramble. Go to the level Kaos Kore and swim to the 2 rocks in the center, hold the Y and A buttons and make two crossing movements around the rocks. Go all the way down to the lowerleft area of the map and go up to the waterfall and go to the bay. Go to the secret level Krematao and complete each level. Ask Boomer to blow out the last piece of stones. Give the Banana Birds to Wrinkley. You will get a present!

The secret world of Krematoa

Swim around the 4 stones in the center of the big map. Start at the top and hold X,A,B and Y buttons. Swim about 4 laps around the stones. A volcano appears.


Highlite the game u want to play with. Then press L,R,R,L,R,R,L,R,L,R. If you did it right,you will be able to read ENTER CHEAT. Enter these words:

WATER:go behind the waterfall to get 85 bonus coins

LIVES:gives you 50 lives

COLOR:Dixie's suit changes to purple and kiddy's changes to green

ASAVE:automaticly saves after each level

ERASE:erases time records

HARDR:makes the game more difficult


Another code is merry, it changes the music also music for the music test.

99+ Lives

On the second world, there is a level called ?Millstone Mayhem?. Enter the level, playing with Diddy. Jump on the tire and go the right until you see the monster. Quickly go back down, jump on the tire and go to the left. You should land on the top of the doorway. When the monster comes down and walks to the doorway, you need to slide down and land on its head, holding Left. The longer you hold it, the more lives you should get.

Secret Cave

Go to Kaos Kore (the castle) and make an 8 around the two stones in front of the castle eight times and a secret cave should open in the drain.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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