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Dino Crisis

Bonus costumes

There are 3 types of clothes

Spy - beat the game once

Cave girl - beat the game 2 times

Weird type - beat game 2 times

Bonus Game

Beat the game within 5 hours and the bonus game is where you kill all the left dinos.

Infinite Grenade Ammo

Beat the game 3 times.

D.D.K Door Locks

To open the DDK doors use the "H" disks, then to find the DDK passwork simply take away the key letters from the code letters. For example if the code is HBCEFAGDI and the key is BCFGI take BCFGI away fom HBCEFAGDI to get the password HEAD. WARNING: Watch out in this room, there is a T-Rex waiting for you when you leave!

Also, the D.D.K lock downstairs is "NEWCOMER" for the password. You have to have both "N" disks when you do this.

Open "Operation Wipeout"

If you Beat the game on Normal in UNDER 5 hours the game will unlock a sub-game called Operation Wipeout.In this sub-game you have to Kill all the Dinos in under the given time.

NOTE: You only get a limmited amount of ammo. In fact all you get is what you have in your inventory, so it's pretty challenging.

Fourth Outfit

When you finish the game for first time, Regina will get two new costumes (Battle type, and Army type). If you play through the game twice, you will get a 4th outfit for Regina to wear. It will change her into a cave girl. Almost as though SHE came from the portal. An extra bonus for getting this is that if CHECK her guns at your EQUIP menu, they will have turned to an ancient type weapons. They will still function like normal, though.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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