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Dino Crisis 2

Unlock Dino Coliseum

Beat the game one time to unlock the Dino Coliseum. Here you can fight against all of the dinosaurs found in the game in coliseum style pit fighting.

Unlock Dino Duel

After you buy Rick, Gail and the Tank for the Extra Crisis games at the player Entry screen, you will get a new row of dinosaurs you can choose from. Use your Extinct points to buy dinosaurs and fight them in Dino Duel.

Unlock The EPS Platinum Card

Complete the game and collect all 11 Dino files. Once you've done that you can see the EPS Platinum card at the Save Screen. Now the next time you play the game you'll have Unlimited Ammo. No longer will you have buy ammo or magazines.

Unlock Triceratops and Compsagnathus

In Hard Mode the Triceratops and the Compsagnathus become available once you've purchased all the other dinosaurs for Dino Duel and Dino Coliseum.

Unlimited ammo

Beat the game after collecting all eleven dino files. You will then get the EPS platinum. You will have unlimited ammunition the next time you play.

Dino File locations

Vilociraptor is foud in water tower. T- rex is found in first room of military base. Allosauros in the corpse at reginas entrance to jungle Compy compy's cage after you catch it. Pteranadon near the truck outside 3rd research facility. That's all i've found so far.

All Dino Files location's

1.-"VELOCIRAPTOR":Water Tower.There it is!!!.

2.-"T-REX":When you escape from de T-Rex in MILITARI FACILITY there is a table.There it is!!!.

3.-"ALLOSAURUS":When Dylan get traped in MILITARI FACILITY Regina go and save im but,when you are going to cross de bridge there is a dead body and compy's eating im.There it is!!!.

4.-"COMPSAGHNATUS":When you capture the compy it will gave you the Reserch Facility Card and the Dino File.There it is!!!.

5.-"PTODON":In the 3rd Energy Facility there is a truck that it smash whit the wall.There it is!!!.

6.-"MOSASAURUS":In the 3rd Energy Facility,when you're going to insert the Mecanic's ID card there is a save location,go there.Then move right, you will see some type of NINTENDO control.There it is!!!.

7.-"PLECIOSAURUS":When you insert the 'PLUG'some doors will open,you will take the Dino File.There it is!!!.

8.-"INOSTRNSEVIA":You will see the Dino File.(paciense)

9.-"OVIRAPTOR":When you saw the helicopter that DAVID was riding to the right there is a dead body.There it is!!!.

10.-"TRICERATOPS":When you cross the Allosaurus nest you will see the Dino File.

11.-"GIGANOTOSAURUS":When you enter to Misile Silo deep there is a computer whit power don't touch the computer.To the computer's left there is a computer whinot power. There it is !

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