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Digimon World

Cheat mode

Start a new game and enter a name. After the FMV sequence ends, hold Triangle + Square + Circle. A menu should appear. Release the buttons and check your inventory to find all kinds of items. Feed your Digimon with something. If he shakes his head, quickly press Triangle + Square + Circle again. If he eats it, quickly press Triangle + Square + Circle again. Depending what was fed, he will turn into different kinds of monsters. If you are not satisfied with that monster, hold Triangle + Square + Circle immediately after the monster changes and feed him with something else. Release the buttons when you are satisfied with your monster. When you're satisfied with your monster, release the three buttons.

Get Kunemon

To get Kunemon, first defeat Kunemon. Then take a In-training digimon and have it go to sleep in Kunemon's Bed. There is a 50% chance he'll evolve into Kunemon.

Get Sukamon

Take an Rookie or Champion Digimon and let its crap/virus scale reach full. It will evolve into Sukamon.

Evolve your digimon

While your digimon is digivolving then press select + start + triangle + square + circle + square. You'll then see the digimon's name flash. When this happens press square and select the name of the digiMon you want your digimon To evolve to.

Get all Digimon

To get all the Digimons, you have to do this. Press trinangle + start + circle + select at start menu. If you do this code correctly you will hear Tai say "I'm finally a digimon master!!!"

Get Gabumon

To get Gabumon, when you start a new game and Jijimon asks you questions say you don't have a digivice and you don't have any friends, and you will get Gabumon instead of Agumon

Easy Money

Buy a Meramon card from the secret card shop for 500 bits then enter the lava cave and talk to the demimeramon in the last screen. He will give you 1500 bits for the meramon card.

Easy bits

Go to the drill tunnel and talk to the mole digimon and do a job for him and you will get 500 bits.

Get Mega Seadramon

Feed your Digimon coral ring.

How to learn Thunder Justice

Get Monzeamon and go to toy land.(Make sure you have a lot of MP med recovery's, and HP med recovery's, about 20 HP rec. and 10 MP rec. )Then make sure your digimon sleeps then save it. Then go to the little robot space ship for a little Tinmon to open the Toy land mansion door.Then go inside till you reach two box's. Piick the little one then beat Warumonzeamon. After you beat him it will say "Thunder Justice Learned". If it doesn't restart the game and do it all over again till you learn it.

Note: When Warumonzeamon gives you a gear don't give it back to Tinmon until you get 97 digimon in you city and beating Machinedramon.

Red Key Chain

Once you get in to Facterial town, and get numemon to yuor city. Go back to the sewers and then you'll find Nanimon. Once you talk to him he will run then drops a blue key chain.(Can also find him to drop blue key chain in anceint speedy region were Meteormon is.) Then go to were you beat the bandits in there orge fortress in the Grand caynon. Then Nanimon will drop a red key chain.

Get Frigimon to your city

Go to freeze land with a fire digimon Agumon, Greymon, Meramon, ect. Then wait where an igloo is until your digimon freezes. (Note: Frigimon will save him.) Then go back to him once your digimon digivolves.

Digivolve to Centarimon

Get a Agumon and get it's HP up to 4000, and it's MP up to 3000 and it might digivolve to Centarimon.

How to carry more items

Go to Greymon's arena and win 100 champion wins. Then he will give you a braclet.


Leave an Agumon near the toilet in File city and it will digivolve to Meramon.


When your city points are at 36, go to the Tropical Jungle at night. When you pass the Digimon Bridge, go down. Piximon is under the tree with the bananas. Note: If you defeat her, she is only going to sell you a Training Manual for 50000 bits.


Get a Betamon and get it's HP and MP up to 1000. It also should weigh close to 30.


You must have a Leomon, Ninjamon, Frigimon, or Whamon in your city to get Mamemon. Get your Digimon's HP up to 3000, MP up to 5000, Offence up to 500, Defence up to 300, Speed up to 400, and Brains up to 400. It is also Possible that your digimon 's happiness must be at the maximum.

Glitch:Giromon's jukebox

When you get Giromon and ask's you to choose a song do not scroll up and down or it will freeze.


Get a Coalamon and transform him to Sukamon, then go to king of Sukamon and he might digivolve to Megaseadramon.


When you have Etemon, fight at least 25 digimon a champion digimon a day for 3 days and make his HP 5000 and all other stats 550 and you will get Metaletemon.

Getting Metalgreymon

You must have either Greymon, Monochromon, Meramon, Tryannomon or Drimogemon. Have ten or less care mistakes (not feeding, sleeping, resting or getting to the bathroom in time). He has to be 65 pounds. And have HP4000 MP3000 Offence500 Defence500 Speed 300 and Brains 300. Or just get a item called metal parts and give it to a champion.

No sukamon

When you get Sukamon, just go talk to king Sukamon at Trash mountain and when he asks you a question say the bottom one and he will turn your digimon back to what it was before.


In order to find Omegamon and to get him in the city. Please follow these rules:

1. Your digimon must have expirenced the Ultimate Level before facing him.

2. Your digimon must have only 3-4 characters in his/her name.

3. Your digimon must have these status.

HP: 9999

MP: 9999

Def: 1000-2000

Speed: 1000-2000

Brain: 1000-2000

Off: 1000-2000

Virius: [ zero ]

Happy Bar: [ 50/50 ]

Angry Bar: [ 50/50 ]

Then go to Greymon's Arena and then defeat the "S" Cup and then go to the misty trees. Go to where you found Cherrymon and then stay there until it has passed 6 days. If this is going to work, on the sixth day, it should have been 4 years and 18 days. If this is correct, then at night Omegamon will arrive. He will look like Skull Greymon but except he has a shield.


/ OMEGAMON \______________________________________

_______________| HP: 9999 MP: 9999 Def: 2000

| Speed: 2000 Brain: 999

| Off: 2000



_______________| Omegamon is a real killer. He can do 1000-2000 damage to you on one go. He can alos take your items and use it on himself. He can regenerate his HP and MP when he turns blue. This is his regen bar:

Blue- HP and MP Restored

Green- Speed and Brain Increased

Purple- Off. and Def. Increased

Red- WARNING! Attack Damage is Increased!

The deadliest one is RED which will alow him to do a massive record of 5000-8000 damage.

His attacks are:

Name | Damage | MP Required | Special

Urban Legend 300 146 ---

Energy Cannon 400 400 ---

Giga Return 278 1000 Poison


Omega Beam 9999 0 ---

Watch out for his special attack, Omega Beam can wipe you out in one blast but if you manage to miss the attack then consider you lucky.

If you defeat him, Omegamon will join you if you defeat him again. Choose "YES" to battle again or "NO" for him to go to the city and fight other contenders in Greymon;s Arena. If he comes to the city, he will become a sales man and he wil sell you free stuf for life and which other shops sell their good items cost lots, his items costs free!!! [ The only way to get him to the city and not only to battle in greymon's arena is to beat him and if you do, he will give you all the medals and heal you and also bring you back to File City.

Multiple keys in Digimon shop

If you go to the Digimon shop in Gear Sevanna after you lost the mansion key, buy it. Then, buy it again at the same spot. Even though the spot is empty a chart, a buy screen will appear. After the second purchase you should see the key, and instead of nothing or 1, a triangle 9. Now you can buy it as many times as needed.

Get Amazing Rod

Meet ShogunGekomon and give him some cards, except the card of yourself. The more precious card you give him, the more points you get. If you collect 300 points, pay him 300 points and you can get an amazing rod.

Enter Ice Sanctuary in Freezeland

Only Vaccine type digimon can enter the sanctury.These are the examples of Vaccine Type digimon: Agumon, Greymon, Airdramon, Monzaemon, Kabuterimon, Garurumon, Angemon, Frigimon, Birdramon, Whamon,Unimon, Andromon, Giromon, Biyomon, Palmon, Kokatorimon, Leomon, Mojymon, and Phoenixmon.

Faster training

Wait approximately ten seconds from when your Digimon begins to train, then press Circle. If done correctly, training will end, but your Digimon will still gain the normal amount of experience.

Quick Digivolve

Train your Digimon in HP but do not continue it. Do this as many times as you can. Note: This can only be done on a fresh, in-training, and rookie Digimon.

Enter Graylord's mansion on OverDell

Your Digimon partner must be a virus digimon. Examples of Virus Digimons are: Betamon, Devimon, Numemon, MetalGreymon, Kabuterimon, Vegiemon, SkullGreymon, Vademon, Kunemon, Ogremon, Bakemon, Sukamon, Etemon, Kuwagamon, Nanimon, or MegaDramon. Any other Digimon will not be allowed to enter.

Digi Catfish and Digi Seabass

Go to ancient dino region where there is an vending machine try it a few times until you have about 4 steaks (moldy meat) then go to dragon eye lake and go to the left of the screen and fish as far as possible with moldy meat. The catfish will be attracted by it pull your rod to the shore catch the catfish and then go to the left screen. fish with the Catfish this time the catfish will atrract the digi Seabass. catch them by pulling your rod to the shore when you catch them you can sell the seabass for 4000 bits and if you feed the digi sea bass it will restore fully MP and HP weight +4. WARNING: if you feed your digimon with seabass it may get sick !(catfish makes your digimon very full weight +5)

All kinds of stuff you can find

BLUE APPLE can be found in native forest by the digimon bridge and near the house of etemon.

(effect: makes digimon happy)

ORANGE BANANA I found it where you can find piximon OR FOLLOW THIS: go to tropical jungle on the route from digimon bridge go east and you may find it.

(effect: fully restores your digimons HP MP)

ICE MUCHROOM can be found north of the toilet in Freezeland.

(effect: boosts discipline)

PRICKLY PEAR i found it near the elivator in great canyon near the road to freezeland.

(effect: weight -10)

BIG BERRY i found it on the exit of drill tunnel just press go thru and you will end up at MT.panorama just walk a little south of the screen

(effect: weight +10)

SWEET NUT i found it a bit hided under a tree where sharmamon walk a bit south in gear savanna near a vending machine.

(effect: fully recovers your digimons HP).

POWER FRUIT can be found at overdell cemetary a bit left of the screen (or sirloin).

(effect: recovers fully your digimons MP).

DELUXE MUSHROOM i found it under a small bush near etemons house but also on overdell under the shadow of a small hill.

(effect: boosts all abilaties by 10).

MOLDY MEAT can be got from the vending in ancient dino region it is used to lure digicatfish near the shore at dragon eye lake.

(effect: makes digimon somewhat full BUT ALSO SICK!!!!!!) recomended not to use on digimon but for digicatfish>

HAPPY MUSHROOM found in native forest in a few areas,and in overdell cemetery grand canyon,coela point,tropical jungle,freeze land.

(effect: boosts happyness but digimon may get sick).


To get hercules-kabuterimon you have to be able to get to beetle land.then get a strong insectiod digimon and win the tournament. If you win you will get the beetlepearl that lets you digivolve to hercules-kabuterimon.

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