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Digimon World: Digital Card Battle

Easy Ultimates

Get to Dark City and defeat all four stages of Wormon. You will get a pack and an Ultimate.


Fuse Phoenixmon and Veedmon.


Fuse a Digitamamamon with Infermon.


Get to the last city, Wiseman Tower. Go to the Fusion shop, where you can Fuse anything. To get ImperialDramon, you must fuse Paildramon and Omnimon II.


Go to the fusion shop. Fuse Piedmon and MagnaAngemon.


Fuse Andromon with either Digitamamon or Jijimon.


Fuse MetalSeadramon or Omnimon II with Golden Banana, Devil's Chip, Whistle, Giga Hand, Metallic Banana, or Shining Mane.


Fuse ExVeemon and Stingmon or Shakkoumon and WaruMonzaemon.


Fuse Gigadramon with Golden Banana, Devil's Chip, Whistle, Giga Hand, Metallic Banana, or Shining Mane.


Fuse Andromon with Etemon to get Metal Etemon. Then, fuse Metal Etemon with Angewomen to get Piedmon. Go to the fusion shop. Fuse WaruMonzaemon with the Mega Attack Chip.


Fuse Myotismon with Lillymon.


Only fuse a MagnaAngemon with Jijimon.


Fuse Silpymon with Garudamon.


Select Veemon as a partner if you are a beginner. He has three Digi-Eggs, compared to Hawkmon's and Armadillomon's two Eggs.


Fuse Shakkoumon with Zudomon.


Fuse Shakkoumon and WaruMonzaemon. Fuse Imperialdramon or Paildramon with Golden Banana, Devil's Chip, Whistle, Giga Hand, Metallic Banana, or Shining Mane.


Fuse together Lillymon with either GranKuwagamon or Diaboromon.

Wizardmon's wand spells

Successfully complete the game, then go back to Sky City, where you fought Wizardmon. He will tell you he has a magic wand. Say the spell, and he will give you a Card.

Wizardmon's wand spel words

When wizardmon at sky city will ask you to use his wand, say yes and type the words:

A-VEEDRAMON --to get a ayroveedramon

H-KBUTERIMON --to get herculeskabuterimon

PIEDMON--for piedmon

JIJIMON--for jijimon

WARGREYMON--to get wargreymon

OMNIMON-1--for omnimon I

OMNIMON-2--for omnimon II

Mystic Sevens

Defeat kari at sky city about 8 to 10 times to get mystic sevens.

Reverse Sevens

Defeat blackmetalgarurumon about 2 times to get the reverse sevens.

Get Wildsevens Cards

To get seven cards you must defeat IMPERIALDRAMON

Wild sevens: fight about 8 to 10 times with him

Effect: attack power is tripled


Fuse waruseadramon and megaseadramon.


Fuse magnangemon with angewomon.

Metal Etemon

Fuse andromon and etemon to get him.

Speed Sevens

Defeat piximon and you will get the speed sevens card.

Grand Sevens

To get grand sevens defeat nanimon a few times to get the grand sevens card.

Holy Sevens

Defeat seraphimon 8 to 10 times to getthe holy sevens card.

Dark Sevens

Defeat piedmon 8 to 10 times to get dark sevens.

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