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Die Hard Trilogy




Level Skip=d,o,l,b,u,b,l, now press start on controller 2

to acsess a level skip:Press right to cycle through the levels.

Invicible Mode=r,u,d,b.

Unlimited Ammo=r,u,d,d,b,r.

50 grenades=r,b,d,o.

Skeletin Mode=t,t,t,t,t,t,t,t,t,t,r,r,r,r.

Silly Mode d,o,o,d,t,d now the baddies bend over and fire between there legs!haahhaha

Fat mode=r,b,b,d.

Speech Speed=d,b,b,r.

Screeming plants=o,o,b,b,r shoot the plants and listen!

Floating dead=d,b,t,d. Now the baddies will float to heaven!!! heheDIEhehehehehe


Invincible Mode=d,t,r,b you will still get hurt but won't die.

Max Specials=r,b,l,o,t,d.Give 99 grenades and 99 rockets!! DIEhahahehehe

Odd shaped people=l,t,r,d.They will now be extreamly tall or short and F A T!

Skeletin Mode=d,b,t,d. Do it again for normall mode!


No clock/Level Skip=r,u,d,b Verious Letters and Numbers should apper on the screen. On the second controller, press START and some cheat options hshould apper. Then press t to toggle the clock on/off. Move right on the d-pad to advance through the levels. Also while playing press o on the second controller will advance to the next bomb.

Infinity Lives=l,o,d,b,r.

Infinity Turbos=o,o,b,b,d,d,x,x.

Infinity SUPER turbos=o,r,d,b,t,l.

GIANT cars=l,t,r,d.

Extra View=d,o,d,o.

Flat Shade mode=d,u,l,r,r,d,u,l,l,d,l,l.

Fergus Mode=o,d,d,t,x,b.

Slow Motion=l,u,l,l,b,d.

Odd Mode=o,d,d,b,r. Repeat 3 times for 3 diff veiws.

Weird Buildings=r,b,l,t,x,b,d.

Car Hanger=r,o,l,l,b,d.

Cloudy Sky=d,b,t,d,b,b,t.

If any code don't work e-mail me on adriav@ezy.net.au


Floating enemies

Press pause while in the building and hold R2 then press down, square, triangle, down.

Skeleton mode

Press pause while in the building and hold R2 then press triangle 10 times, and right 4 times.

Fat mode

Press pause while in the building and hold R2 then press right, square, square, down.

Unlimited ammo with all guns

Push pause while playing the building and hold R2 then push right, up, down, down, square, right.

God mode

While playing the game with the building press start for pause and hold R2 then push right, up, down, square.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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