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Destruction Derby 2


Where to do it What it does.

MACSrPOO Name Entry Give every track ever! CREDITZ! Name Enrty Gives you the Credits!

Invincibility in stock car championship

Enter !damage! as a name.

Animated credits

Enter CREDITZ! as your name. Animated credits of the main programmers, artists, and other development staff members will appear.

FMV credit sequence

Enter ToNyPaRk as your name. A video of all the credits with a background FMV sequence will appear.

Sound track

Place the game disc in an audio CD player and play track two and above to hear music from the game. The tracks include

Track. Title (Description) - Length

10. Pinnacle ( The Pit) - 3:30

11. Little Pig (Red Pike Arena) - 1:53

12. Soundcheck (Death Bowl) - 1:38

13. Joyrider (Title Screens) - 2:52

14. Direction (Results Screens) - 5:57

15. Jade (End of Season) - 1:52

16. Breed (Bonus Track 1) - 1:14

17. Sun Dive (Bonus Track 2) - 3:25

18. Burn Out (Bonus Track 3) - 3:05

19. Crawl (Bonus Track 4) - 5:55

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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