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Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

Turbo start on motorcycle level

When the second red light light up on any of the motorcycle levels. Press and hold X and you should do a wheelie. This will start you off faster and help alot.

Spyro the Dragon demo

At the title screen press: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square to get the demo.

Apples from monkeys

To Get Apples from monkeys, when playing an egyptian level with rock-throwing monkeys on it, First destroy the jars they hide inside, then jump on them several times to get the apples.

Two dinosaurs

To get two dinosaurs in the dyno mite level ride the dinosaur until you come to the part with the two nitros. Jump off the dinosaur and run back to the patch of grass. Then run back to where you left your dinosaur. You will also see another dinosaur further up.

4 Hidden boxes

At the very begining of level 16 walk back to get four boxes. This is very important for box completion in that level.

Hidden warp room levels 26-30

To get to the hidden warp room levels 26-30 you have to get at least 5 relics then go to the center of the room where you save then in the center of the room is a platform, hop on it. It will take you to the hidden warp room. In this new warp room only level 26 will be open. To get into level 27 you will need ten relics. To get into level 28 you will need fifteen relics. To get into level 29 you will need twenty relics. To get into level 30 you will need twenty-five relics.This new warp room will help you get 100% completion.

Instant Uka-Uka

On any level, press X, square, triangle, and circle. (Note: this may only be done once per life).

Purple Gem

Go into High Time (warproom 3) and about two-thirds of the way through there is a little platform at the base of a wall. Jump on the platform and it will take you to a secret level where you will get the purple gem.

Get Secret level 31

Go in level 14 Road Crash, there is a yellow diamond-shapes alien sign at the left side of the road about halfway through the level. Knock into it and after a short cut-scene you will be transported to Level 31!

Crash Dash

Here's a tip before you try to beat the levels in Time Trial, wait until you beat Cortex the first time, the super power he gives you is "Crash Dash" which enables you to run faster which will help you get Gold Relics instead of Sapphire ones in Time Trials.

Beat Neo Cortex

To beat Neo. Cortex at the end of the game, you must wait until he throws his exploding mines. After they explode, immediatley attack Cortex and knock him into the sewer. Do this three times to beat him. Watch out, however, for your friend Aku Aku and Cortex's boss Uka Uka are battling in the room with you. If you touch them or the lasers they shoot each other, you will die. Be careful, each time you hit Cortex, it becomes tougher to dodge Aku Aku and Uka Uka.

Get Secret Level 32

Go to level 11 Dino Might! and jump on the yellow platform when you get to the part when the dinosaur is chasing you, let the second Terodactle and let it peck you this will transfer you to Top Secret level 32 !

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