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Courier Crisis

Flip off other traffic

Press L1 + L2 or R1 + R2 during game play to flip the finger at other traffic.

Bonus Level

Press L1 + R2 at the neighborhood selection screen.

Bonus music

Press R1, Triangle, R1, L1, Circle, X, R2, L2, Square during game play to hear three additional songs. Press R1, Triangle, R1, L1, Circle, X, R2, L2, Right during game play for a fourth song. Note: The music will return to normal after the current level is completed.

Free Mode

Enter the password HANOILBKJO to play in free mode.

Give Someone the Fist

To give someone a fist, preferably a person in a car, press R1 and R2 together to do it on your right side or L1 and L2 to do it on your left side. If it is done correctly, you will hear the driver say something like "Arrest that punk!"

No Friction

To make your tires and the ground have no friction between them you must stop the bike and tap CIRCLE repeatedly but do not hold it down. If you did it right he will pedal but he won't move!!


01 -- eflcifcgkj

02 -- iflcifccki

03 -- mflcifcokj

04 -- aflcifckkj

05 -- fhclfigcjl

06 -- flclficcil

07 -- fpclfiocjl

08 -- fdclfikcjl

09 -- kflcifcgii

10 -- oflcifccii

11 -- cflcifcoij

12 -- gflcifckij

13 -- ffclfigccj

14 -- fjclficcij

15 -- fnclfiocjj

Play As Zaskar

From the Load/Save screen enter the password FDFKFKHCJK to play as Zaskar.

Play as Pantera

From the Load/Save screen, enter the following password KFKFKFOEKJ and you will start the game with the Pantera.

Play as a Gorilla

Enter the password SAVAGEAPES to play as a Gorilla on a BMX Bike.

Play as an Alien

Enter the password XFIFTYONEX to play as an Alien on a BMX Bike.

Play as Fish

Enter FINALSDFIN as a password.

Start Game with STS-1

To start with the STS-1 bike, enter the password IFKFKFKGKJ.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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