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Cool Boarders 4

Various Cheats

Enter any of the following "Names" as a name. If done correctly, you will hear "Hey, no cheating" spoken:

ICHEAT = All Boards, Boarders, Mountains

IMSPECIAL = All Special Items

Shortcut through Colorado

This is an easy way to get through Colorado. When you get to the part with patches of deeper snow,around the third or fourth patch, there should be a place with a lot of trees. Weave through those trees, and there should be a railroad track. Grind on that track and after a while, look at your position and you should be in first place.(Unless there is somebody is in front of you,which is most likely)I'm not promising that you will win every time, but it helps to break the time record.

Slope Style Secret in Vermont

On the right side of the course, between the ramp with two rocks in front of it and the ramp with the green pole in front of it, there is a group of trees, you can grind on the fallen tree to reach the secret tunnel.

Play as Fast Eddie

Complete rookie on trickmaster to unlock Fast Eddie.

Unlock Extra Mountain

When you go to the tournament name enter in "NEWHILL" and get an extra mountain.

Control replay

Hold R1 or R2 and press Down to stop a replay. Hold R1 or R2 and press Left for slow-motion. Hold R1 or R2 and press Right to display the replay quicker.

Play as a Bear

Break every record in France and complete the special event to unlock the Bear.

Play as a Snowman

Break every record in Japan and complete the special event to unlock the Snowman.

Mystery character

Complete the Colorado Tournament with Jimmy Hallop. "Cool Man" will be heard as a confirmation.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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