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Cool Boarders 3

Control replay

During a replay, hold Left to switch to slow motion or hold Down to pause.

Director's cut

Enter "SHOWPOS" as a name in tournament mode.

Play as Burg

To get Burg, unlock every player, every board, and every track. Play single event, powder hill downhill. Get in first place with more than 3400 points.

New Boards and Characters

To get new boards and characters, start a Single Race at Pro level and beat the record shown at the bottom of the screen (eg. Come in first with 5000 pts.)

Game Completion Date

At the screen that reads one player or split screen press L1, L2, R2, R1. A screen will pop up the shows the date the game was completed.

Fast Eddie

To earn FAST EDDIE you must complete the mountain POWDER HILL in frist place and with 3,400 points of more.

Cheat Codes

At the Tournament screen enter your name as these:

wonitall -- All tracks

open_em -- All riders

bigheads -- Big heads

openemall -- All boarders and boards

showpos -- Director's cut

Big heads Little heads

Enter your name as "bigheads" at the Tournament screen. When you enter the "bigheads" code you can press L2 to shrink their heads or R2 to make their heads bigger.

View Creation Date

At minute with one player/multi-player split screen options, press L1+L2+R1+R2.

Control Cameras

While playing a game, press Select to choose from multiple close-up views.

Play as Mars

Select Devils Butt, then select half pipe,and get more than 3400 points.



Circle=multi flip

Triangle=multi moves

X after jump=multi moves

R1=punch right

L1=punch left

R2=switch position


R2 after jump=spin right

L2 after jump=spin left

Left+circle= misty

Right+circle= rodeo

Down+circle= backflip

Up+circle= frontflip

Triangle+up= noseslide

Triangle+down= noseslide

Up+x= stiffy

Down+x= tailgrab

Left+x= stalefish

Right+x= sad air

Downright+x= method

Upleft+x= japan air

Downleft+x= indy

Upright+x= melancholy

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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