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Colony Wars 3: Red Sun

Cheat code option

Go to the "Home Station" and press R2(2), L2(2), R1(2), Select(2).

All weapons

Enter "Armoury" as a code.

Space Station select

Enter "Move House" as a case-sensitive code.

Disable all cheats

Enter "All Cheat Off" as a case-sensitive code.

Spaceship & Strength

Put in Break and Enter (Case Sensitive) for a code.

Infinite Health

Put in Awrate (Case Sensitive) for a code.

Get All Ships

Put in Greyam Beard (Case Sensitive) for a code.

All Weapons Loaded on Ship.

Put in Big Daddy (Case Sensitive) for a code.

Unlimited Ammo

Put in Sly n Devious (Case Sensitive) for a code.

Weapons Don't Overheat

Put in ROCKWROK (Case Sensitive) for a code.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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