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Castlevania Dracula X

Better Ending

Do not fall off the pillars on Level 3. Pick up the key that is located near the chamber of the headless knight. This key must be used on Level 4 to free Maria and open the path to the alternate Mission 5b. Note: The codes for Missions 6b and 7b follow this better ending path.

Level Passwords

A = Axe

W = Holy Water

H = Heart

F = Flame

2 - F, H, A, A, A, A, A, W, W

3 - W, F, F, A, A, F, F, W, W

4 - A, A, A , F, W, W, A, H, H

5a - F, H, W, W, A, F, A, H, H

5b - H, W, H, W, A, H, H, H, H

6a - H, A, H, W, F, H, W, F, H

6b - W, A, A, W, F, W, A, W, F

7a - H, A, H, F, F, H, W, W, F

7b - W, W, W, A, F, H, F, F, A

Fighting Tip

Duck when your character is hit while fighting any enemy to avoid being thrown back into a pit or other object. This will not work if a whip is being used, or when on a spinning gear (clock tower). This is very useful when fighting Dracula when he uses his huge double fire ball attacks.

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