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Carnage Heart

Manually Control your OKE

During a battle press Select 12 times, then choose MANUAL when the prompt appears. To return to normal, simply reenter the code.

Up or Down: Move forward or back.

Left or Right: Rotate left or right

L1 + Left: Move left

L1 + Right: Move right

L1 + Up: Move higher

L1 + Down: Move lower

Square: Grapple

Triangle: Jump

D-pad + Triangle: Jump in corresponding direction

X: Fire primary weapon

Circle: Duck down

R2 + Triangle: Fire secondary weapon

R2 + X: Double fire secondary weapon

R2 + Circle: Triple fire secondary weapon

R2 + Square: Quadruple fire secondary weapon

L2: Take control of next friendly OKE

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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