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Alternate character color

Highlight a character, then hold Select and press X

Play as Capeiora

To get Capieora, beat the game on NORMAL difficulty with any character.

Play as Columbo

To play as Columbo, beat the game on NORMAL with Shorty.

Play as Robo-Z

To get Robo-Z, beat the game with anyone on HARD.

Play as the Burger Dog

First get Capoeira and Robo-Z then beat the game on Normal with Hamm. Scroll down/off the player select screen until you get Burger Dog. His moves are the same as Hamms.

Zoom Winning Poses

When you win the stage, hold the CIRCLE button to zoom in on your character.

Play as alternate character

At the character selection screen, highlight a character, then hold Select and press Circle.

Level skip

Beat the game once with any character. Then, start a game in single player mode and when a song begins, press L2 + Select to jump to the next level.

Dance preview

Beat the game on the easy difficulty level.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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