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Breath Of Fire 3

Infinite Croc Tears

Go to Ceder woods and find the pond go to the middle of it were there is a small little ditch and press x and you should get a Croc Tear also you can keep pressing the x butten and get infinite of them.

20% off magic

If you want to get 20% off of magic equip 2 Shaman's rings and it should work. This is good for ryu with his accension ability because it takes alot of AP.

Have Vital Item Flier

Go to Genmel when you're still a child, go near the item shop and press R1 and change the camera.You'll see a manillo eating in the corner.Talk to him and he will give you the flier. This will decrease your buying items to 20 to 30% OFF!


Walk around with ryu and slash people with your sword. Sometimes you get money.

Control the Kaiser form

Usually, Ryu will not have control of the Kaiser. Select Infinity + Trance + Radiance for it to work correctly.

Easily defeat the Goddess Of Destruction

Just before the last battle, Myria will transform herself into the Goddess of Destruction, with about 20,000 HP. Defeat her by transforming Ryu into Myrmidon (Frost + Trance + Force), then choose Aura. This will allow more than 1,000 damage to be done on each turn. Do this repeatedly until she has been defeated. Be ready to use your healing items and assign one or two of your party members to replenish Ryu's AP.

Hide And Seek, Wyndian Kids

After Ryu matures, he can be apprenticed to the kids in Wyndia that were in the hide-and-seek game earlier. First, find them in a hide-in-seek game around. They can be found in the following locations.

Bais: In B3 of the Dauna Mine

Lang: Behind a tombstone in the Wyndian cemetery

Lee : In the Eastern Wyndian Checkpoint, in a corner behind the guards

Wynn: In the lower level of Junk Town on the left side

Kill Vulcans in volcano

The Vulcans in Mt. Zublo are usually very hard to kill. However, they are worth 300 exp a throw, which at that stage in the game is a lot. Use this trick to kill them easily. First, before entering Mt. Zublo, buy a large amount of Molotovs (20-30) from Wyndia. After buying these, go into the volcano. When you meet a Vulcan, get one of your characters to use one Molotov on the Vulcan. It should heal it and the message "Vulcan begins to move!" should appear. After that, destroy it. Ice spells are very effective and the Jump skill (if present) also works well.

Get the Beast Spear

As soon as you beat Gaist, you need to search his ashes. You will then get the Beast Spear. This weapon will increase his attack by 150! The only drawback is that it will drain about 9 to 10 HP from him every round.

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