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Bassins Black Bass

Debug Mode

Before turning the game on, hold X and Y on Controller 1 and A and B on Controller 2, then press Power on the Control Deck to turn it on. You'll see "Debug Mode" on the screen. The following options will be available:

Adjust Fishing Conditions

Hold A on Controller 2 while on the Boating screen, then go to the Casting screen.

Before you get to cast, you will be able to adjust all of the fishing conditions, such as the Stage Number, Hour, Weather, etc.

Catch Random Bass

Go to the Casting screen and press B on Controller 2, and you'll catch random-sized bass, even some lunkers (a huge bass).

Catch Other Random Fish

Go to the Casting screen and press Y on Controller 2. You will automatically catch a random-sized fish other than a bass.

Catch a Huge Bass (Lunker)

Go to the Casting screen and press Up on Controller 2. You'll automatically catch a Lunker (a very large bass).

Speed Up Time

Go to the Boating screen and press X on Controller 2. You will see the time progress rapidly as long as you keep holding X.

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