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Bass Landing


When you see fish on the fish finder, stop immediately and back up with the trolling motor about 30 feet. The fish should then be right in front of you.

Cover the water methodically, casting out in a fan pattern from left to right.

If you hook a fish that manages to come off, keep fishing the lure back to the boat. Often, the fish you just hooked will come back for more.

If a fish jumps, it's almost definitely a bass; if you get into a ten-minute battle with a lunker that doesn't come up to the surface, it's probably a trout or other fish.

If your lure gets stuck, hit the X and Circle buttons at the same time to automatically free the lure.

Be sure to set the drag tighter when you use heavier line.

Catch Bigger Fish

In free fishing mode select Lunker Lake. Then pick Set Up Environment. For Pressure go to None, Season: 4 mid-6 mid or 8 mid-10 mid, Weather yesterday: cloudy/sunny, Weather today: cloudy/sunny, Wind direct: east, Wind speed: 0.0-1.0, Water temp.: 60-70, water clear, Time: 6:00-8:00 or 15:30-17:30, Time lapsed: none. Note: Best lures are the popper or the spinner bait. The fish like hiding in the weeds. Sometimes the best place to fish is in the first set of sticks.

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