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Action Replay codes

7E005E03 Infinite lives, as usual if you change the last digit you change

the amount of lives given each time the switch is enabled.

7E033002 Keeps weapon select one even when hit by an enemy bullet.

Change the last digit for different weapons, note the weapons will only

work on their appropriate levels.

7E1E620X Start from level X, enter X as the level number you want to

start from -1. i.e. to start from level 4 enter 7E1E6203.

00A470AD Infinite credits

008C8F03 Start with 1 credit instead of 5

008C8F04 Start with 2 credits

008C8F05 Start with 3 credits

008C8F06 Start with 4 credits

008C8F08 Start with 6 credits

008C8F09 Start with 7 credits

008C8F0A Start with 8 credits

008C8F0B Start with 9 credits

00DB6101 Start with 1 life instead of 3

00DB6102 Start with 2 lives

00DB6105 Start with 5 lives

00DB6107 Start with 7 lives

00DB6109 Start with 9 lives

00DB610F Start with 15 lives

00DB6119 Start with 25 lives

00DB6132 Start with 50 lives

00DB614B Start with 75 lives

00DB6163 Start with 99 lives


00C0F6AD Infinite lives


00C0F70D Infinite lives



009F3900 Start on stage 2



009F3900 Start on stage 3



009F3900 Start on stage 4



009F3900 Start on stage 5



009F3900 Start on stage 6

Description Level 1

When the first few waves of enemies come rushing at you, choose the straight laser as your weapon to take them out one at a time. Now quickly switch to the round vulcan missiles when the enemy ships encircle you. Dodge between the asteroids, and destroy the ones that shoot at you. To defeat the mid-level boss, avoid his fire and shoot him right in the center. Again, for the next wave of enemies, your best weapon is the straight lasers. This weapon is also effective for blasting through the purple webs in your way. When you reach the giant spider, switch back to the round vulcan and hit him directly in his blue eye. Avoid the bullets and mini-spiders as you fire away.

Description Level 2

Use your round vulcan missiles to blast your way to the enemy base. As you reach the closed doors, keep firing directly at them. They should open right up, giving you a passage into the base. Now while you're still using the round vulcans, shoot the enemies on the top and bottom walls.

The next part is tricky, so rush forward to the right to make it past the moving platforms, while avoiding the mines on the chains. When you reach the giant ships with the four legs, hit them directly in the center, while avoiding their bullets.

Follow the end-boss to the right, and when he stops, fly over his head, dropping bombs on the blue core under his helmet. You'll need to do this a number of times, so be patient, and fly around his machine gun fire while shooting him with the round vulcan missiles.

Description Level 3

It s time for another head on attack. Have the straight lasers ready for action. The spider droids will pop right out of the craters on the planet surface. Watch very carefully. When you reach the pipe maze, quickly shoot the corners and avoid the fireballs. As you exit the maze, you'll need to take on the next mid-level boss. Switch to the round vulcans and fire away as you circle around him.

For the second pipe maze, there are no visible weak points. Keep firing the straight lasers at all areas of the pipe. When you finally break through, get ready for your confrontation with the end of the level boss. Concentrate your firepower on the four revolving eyes until they are destroyed. When the center eye joins together with the cone, it will let out a lot of bombs. Avoid these bombs at all costs, while you shoot the launching pads on the rim of the cone. The boss will mutate one final time. Be ready for his next attack. Keep your eyes on the missile and laser ports on it s hull. Try to shoot the center in between these ports. It's going to take a lot of firepower. Keep blasting away.

Description Level 4

As you enter the underground cave, switch to the round vulcans and hit the enemy pods on the ceiling and floor of the cavern. The next group of pods have mutant barnacles inside. Steer clear of these creatures or you will be crushed. If you get attacked by the cave amoebas, quickly shake you ship back and forth, or you will get dragged down to the cave floor.

It's best to avoid the jellyfish in the water by flying over them. Keep heading to the right, and shoot the spiked balls before they explode and send needle spikes after you. When the cave splits into two paths, the lower path is the easiest. Simply dodge the enemy ships and shoot the ice blocks in your way. When you reach the boss, the entire screen will start to shake, causing large boulders to drop from the ceiling. To avoid them, move down towards the bottom of the screen, and use the round vulcan missiles to take them out. To beat the boss, head up to the top of the screen and drop the explosive bombs on its eye. When he launches the giant wasps, switch to the round vulcan and blast them, all the while avoiding the purple laser beam. Keep bombing the boss right around his eye until he s gone.

Description Level 5

Try to avoid the giant worms by flying underneath them as they dive into the lava. As you come towards the launching pads, quickly move to the side to avoid the columns of fire, while rushing to the top to shoot them from behind.

When the fire dragons pop out, shoot them directly in the head to bust them to pieces, and then fly straight through them. For the rest of this level, until you reach the boss, make certain that you are using the Needlecracker laser, while you dodge the enemy homing missiles. In general, the safest place to be for this last section is the middle of the screen, while you dodge back and forth. You'll know you've reached the end of this stage when you see the giant lava monster emerge from the molten rock. His only weak spot is on the left side of his chest, so try to concentrate your firepower right on that point. The best way to do it is to stay on the bottom of the screen, away from his hands, while you blast away at his chest.

Description Level 6

You are now approaching the Alien Fortress, so have your trigger finger ready. Start out by flying low to take out the cannon on the bottom of the ship, and then fly around to blast the two on top. Switch to the round vulcan, shooting all of the barriers to make them drop down. Take out the mid-level boss by blasting him right in the eye, while you avoid his two pet drones. Inside the enemy fortress, your best friend is your Needlecracker laser. Have it handy while you zip around the enemy fire, on your way to the final battle with the Alien Emperor. When the Emperor sends out the group of rotating rocks, keep blasting away with the Needlecracker laser while you follow the rocks around in a clockwise motion. It is very important that you keep firing away to the right, hitting the creature directly in the center. When the boss sends the group of Axelay clones at you, move towards the upper left part of the screen and keep firing. The rest of the battle is all a lot of fast dodging, while you keep shooting away the Emperor as he s on the run. Move around top to bottom, and weave in between his lasers as you nail him with the Needlecracker laser. This part sounds much easier than it is, so keep practicing until you destroy the final boss.

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