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Armored Core: Masters Of Arena

Fixed camera view

While playing a game, hold Circle + X + Start. The game will pause. Press Start to resume the game with the camera fixed at the pre-location. Note: Press Circle + X + Select in the Japanese version of the game.

Continue from Armored Core: Project Phantasma

Insert a memory card with a saved game from Armored Core: Project Phantasma and the file should appear yellow at the loading screen. Load that file to start with the same parts and money that were obtained in that game.

Stealth unit

Successfully complete the Master Ex Arena to get the stealth unit (back weapon).

Enhanced Balancer Optional part

Successfully complete the Champion Ex Arena to get the Enhanced Balancer Optional part.

Cavern Invasion level

There is a hole in the ceiling at the top of the first room. Fly up to it and take a left. There will be a very large room with guns mounted in the ceilings. Do not shoot at the guns. Instead, go directly to the left corner in the back, where an item will appear on the ground. This is the shoulder mounted disc shooter.

Destroy Berserk MTs level

Get past the first locked gate and find the door on the left side that follows it. Follow the corridor until you find a room full of gray crates. Do not shoot the crates or you will blow up the item. Maneuver around the crates until you find a corner with a head part on the ground.

Bonus Ex Arenas

At the Ex Arena selection screen, you will see four sets of question marks at the bottom of the screen. These arenas are unlocked after you complete a certain requirement:

- FROMSOFTWARE is unlocked after you complete all leg-specific arenas. It features a series of ACs made by From Software employees.

- Guest and Champion are unlocked after you complete all of the missions (do not forget to save when prompted). Guest is an arena that contains Japanese magazine publisher's AC creations. Champion is a series of ACs made by finalists from a Armored Core: Project Phantasma Tourney held in Japan last year.

- Master is unlocked when you get 100% in the overall under System. Master is an arena that has extremely dangerous ACs.

Beat 9-Ball easy

Have the plasma cannon from the frist armored core and wait for 9-Ball to use the rocket launcher then unload with the plasma cannon some time he move out the way after the frist two hits

First person view

While playing a game, hold Triangle + Square + Start. Release all buttons, then press Start again.

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