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Armored Core

Large rocket Lancher

Found on the "Eliminate Strikers"stage that takes place on the bridge.At the start of the misson turn directly around and there are 3 vehicles and a makeshift roadblock.Destroy the vehicle in the middle and obtain the next worse weapon in the game!


On destroy Plus Escape stage,Drop down three platforms & search around & the best generator is there. P.S. don't bring a lazer blade!!!

First Person View Mode

During the game while playing, press Triangle, Square, and Start at the same time(this will pause the game). Then press start and you'll be in first person view. Note: this can be done in 2 player also.

Camera View

You can switch to a fixed camera angle by pressing Circle + X + Start.

Change Background

To change the background on all menus, first make a design in the "Edit Emblem" screen when you are done hold L1 + R1 + SELECT. Now you design is the background.

Firing the Lazerblade

You can fire a beam of light from your lazerblade. To do this, press CIRCLE to use the lazerblade, then as the arm comes down hit X. It has no lock so you really need to have good aim. If done correctly it will fire a cresent shaped beam.

Human Plus Enhancements

Start a new game, and fail all the missions you play until you are below -50,000 credits in debt. An FMV will be played, and you will start the game over with a clean slate. Doing this gives you special abilities, the first time it gives you a grid radar, the fourth time it gives you the ability to fire back weapons with huminiod legs while standing. The sixth gives you 2x energy for boosting, and weapons. Have fun!

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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