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Ape Escape

RC car bomb

When using the RC car you can place it near a monkey and then hit the RC car with the stun club, and then BBOOOMMM.

Saving your life

When you fall off a cliff press start and then exit then you will go to the time station with the same amount of lives before you fell of the cliff.

Secret Tunnel

In Thick Jungles Level 2, push Down the stop sign and you will see the tunnel.

Easy Capture

Crawl up to the monkey that you want to catch, when in crawling posion swing your net at the monkey. The monkey won't notice you coming providing Easy Capture.

99 Explosive Darts

Pause your game and press R2, down, L2, up, right, down, right, and then left. A tone will sound. This code works. Note: you will NOT automatically get 99 explosive darts. You have to earn it. I recommend going to the TV tower. Use the slingback shooter to get three explosivebullets. Keep doing this to get 99. You'd usually only be able to get 9.

Rear-view Mirror

During the Ski mini-game, press the L1 and R1 buttonsto get a rear-view mirror.

Catch Monkeys without the RC Car

There is a simple way to catch monkeys without the use of the RC Car. This is a huge time saver as you don't have to wait unti the end of the game to get the RC Car. All you need is the Slingback Shooter and one flash bomb. Here's what you do. Switch to first person veiw with the slingback shooter and fire away at the money until it runs to one of those little cracks. Then switch to the flash bomb and nail him. Run over to him fast and equip your net. Grab him and poof that's it. That's all you have to do. It may take a bit of practice but when you learn it it really helps.

Easy Lives

Find a stage that has an extra life real close to the begining, go get it and then exit back to the time station. Then just keep going back and forth between the stage and the time station to accumulate as many lives as needed.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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